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Industry 4.0

is the use of data, computing power and connectivity, and is set-up in “big data, open data, Internet of Things, machine-to-machine and cloud computing” or the centralization of information and the related storage.
Industry 4.0

With Industry 4.0 the whole world is lead into digitalisation.

Very soon everyone who will hold the power of their own data will save their future.

Just like industrial revolution, also Industry 4.0 will lead to entirely new processes such as automated and interconnected production. The other parts of development lead us to the analytics. Once companies have the data collected, they need to somehow get profit from them. Today only 1% of gathered data gets used to someone’s advantage when instead they could benefit from collected and analyzed data.

Selling online enables collecting first-party data. That data can then be used for creating and establishing personalized customer experience and generate revenue from positive consumers’ reactions which is of course the ultimate goal.

Dg1 Big data
DG1 is a cloud-based tool that enables small and medium sized companies around the world to join the revolutionary e-commerce and digital landscape. Gathering big data and monetizing relationships with customers through customer experience is now reachable to everyone.
DG1 Industry 4.0 infographic

We know how important it is for industry 4.0 businesses to think and operate digitally.

Without digitalization, many businesses will die within the next 5 years.