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We offer an enterprise experience for all sizes of business

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to change the usability of online systems and enable digitalization and AI transition through data ownership for SMEs.

our mission
our ambition

Our ambition

Many SMEs use third-party services for their convenience, but these service providers often actively prevent their users from accessing customer data. DG1 platform alleviates the data disparity between SMEs and large corporations and was designed to return control back into the hands of business owners – where it belongs.

our ambition
 Our commitment

Our commitment

With over 20 years of experience in digital product development and enterprise systems, we are committed to making DG1 platform a tool for the future by capitalizing on the ownership of customer data through advanced technologies, automation, and AI – all readily available as a single all-round solution for the SME market.

 Our commitment
Our organization
With offices in Canada, Switzerland, Slovenia and Japan, we can secure a global reach to customers from all parts of the world and time zones.
DG1 product and brand is owned by
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DG1 Group Holdings Inc
Vancouver, Canada

+1 604 670 7533
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DG1 Swiss Sagl
Massagno, Switzerland

+41 091 225 20 52
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DG1 Inc.
Tokyo, Japan

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