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Build a strong and powerful e-commerce website with DG1.


Backoffice Access management

Manage multi-level access and rights for various back-office users.

Multi Language Administration

Platform administration supported by multiple languages.


Sell the same products on multiple sites connected to different logistics and payments BUT inside the same big-data environment.

Multi-site groups

Create sites for different businesses, units or branches and manage it all from one place.

Global CDN

A global CDN that makes your content delivered faster.

Sharing rules

Share specific shop data between two or more different sites.

Invitation Codes

Protect desired content with invitation codes.

Certified Secure - SSL

SSL for your sites included so your visitors are safe.


Unlimited support for your digital growth operations and platform usage.


Complete help center available for all the DG1 users including video tutorials and manuals supported with images.

Industry oriented themes

Variety of industry-ready themes with combined pre-set pages and niche specific features, all based on our 20 years of experience - no HTML or CSS skills needed.

Theme customizations

Customize your front-end so it fits your customers and your respectful brand.

Mobile optimization

Fully responsive & Retina ready design working on all devices, platforms and systems.

Faceted Search

Fast faceted intelligent and big-data driven search built on top of Elasticsearch engine.

SEO optimization

Add descriptions, keywords and all that search engines can read, and watch your business reach the top of the search engine ranking.

Image cropper

Change and adjust sizes and layouts of your images on the fly.

Unsplash free images

Include any kind of licensed free high-end image from Unsplash on the fly.

File manager

Upload an type of files and store them for use at anytime.

Multiple currency support

Run your shop and business with any currency in the world.

Multiple TAX support

Configure taxes for any of your targeted countries or locations.


Overall dashboard with real-time data from your E-Business system.

Image optimization

Our image loader detects and selects the appropriate image size to load for every device and screen - including Apple devices with Retina Displays.

Restrictions popup

A pop up that helps you check the suitability of your site visitors (example: age restriction pop up).

AI-powered copywriting and translation tools

Integrated copywriting and translation tools, powered by GPT-4 and DeepL respectively, make short work of all your text-related tasks.

On-Boarding support

Our team will help you establish your platform and support your growth engine for your business.

FREE future updates

You will never pay for new features, technologies, plugins, etc, because we want you to enjoy your digital growth with predictable pricing.


Products / Services / Products variations

Sell any type of products and/or services with their variations in a single session.

Offer new online shopping experience

Deliver more product information on a single screen and shorten up the shopping process for 70%.

Product info modal

Create additional information panels for users to help understand product specifics (example: Size guide).

Product brands

Sell any amount of brands you desire.

Product groups

Specify product details for different product groups.

Product import

Import products to the platform with csv.

Product export

Export products with only a few clicks.

Product categories

Create infinite amount of categories, subcategories and sub-sub categories in a simple tree structure.

Desirability info

Optimize your production or supply chain with information about most interacted/desired products.

Bulk image importer

Import images so they connect to product automatically.

Stock management

Manage stock of products and stock groups in case of multiple warehouses.

Product reviews

Build credibility of your products and services with Ratings & Reviews.


Add specific taxation rules for any part of the world.

Additional shipping informations (tobacco, alcohol, refrigerated products)

Define the product specifics with few simple clicks and manage the shipping information with ease.

Orders management

Easy to manage list of orders and their statuses.

Recurring orders

Enable your customers to create recurring orders for easier and repetitive shopping.

Carts statistics

Follow up open carts and abandoned carts statistics and see what products stay left behind.


One of the most effective promotion engines ever built in a platform with extremely well-thought-of features and endless possibilities to lead your customers' shopping path.

Promotion targeting

Target promotions up to the 1 to 1 personalization level that converts 99%.


Easy-to-manage combinations of discounts.

Promotion codes

Create promotion codes for any type of usage to boost your sales.

Cross and up sales

Simple way to cross and up-sell your products with help of big-data behind your system.


Overall dashboard and section dashboards with real-time information.

Multiple payment methods

More than 83% of integrated global payment gateways to choose from.


Read and download detailed reports on orders, shops users, abandoned carts and products.

Multiple shipping methods

Offer multiple shipping methods with simple URL connection.

Cross-border and additional shipping costs

Set shipping prices for each country you ship your products to and add an extra value to refrigerated or fragile products.

Infinity scroll

Seamless intelligent products grid for personalized end-user experience.

Customized shopping process

Customize the checkout process with preferred features.

Shop Filters

Shop filters that help customers narrow down their search and save the views for their next visit.

Big Data driven products grid

A smart big-data driven grid where customers see the products that they are familiar with.

Custom product markers

Equip your products or promotions with eye catching markers.

Subscribe to out of stock products

Allow customers to be notified when the out of stock products are back in stock and encourage more sales.

Abandoned carts

Abandoned open-carts communication and automation system to close more sales.


Content editor

Easy-to-use intuitive content editor with real time mobile and desktop preview.

Prepared front-end elements

Use any kind of web elements and combinations with a single click.

Content feeds

Provide your site visitors with frequently updated content.

Product integration on pages

Combine products with content and benefit from all-in-one digital growth system to convert more.

Bookings integration on page

Create representative pages and implement booking products within the content in a subtle way.

Form integration on pages

Built and implement forms into websites to collect more data.


Create pop-ups that convert site visitors into leads and buyers.

Menu manager

Select multiple menu styles and connect menu buttons to any site location you wish.

Cookie registry

Add and edit additional cookie entries for your cookies policy.

Top notification

A simple and fast way to change the first notification site visitors see when they visit your site.


Multiple custom integrations (Css, Javascript, FB Pixel, Google Analytics ...).

Duplicate Pages

Easily duplicate page for testing purposes, or to create template page.

Social integration

Connect Twitter and Instagram Streams directly to your website.


Multichannel campaign creator

Wizard that helps create a campaign in just a few steps and enable you communication through 5 different channels.

Newsletter builder

A simple wizard tool to build amazing newsletters.

Scheduling newsletters

Schedule newsletter campaigns.

SMS Messages

Sending sms is no problems in DG1 - we manage it all.

Website push notifications

Deliver alerts that catch your subscribers even if they are not on your website.

Contact profitability score

Address profitable or non-profitable segments in a different way.

Automation (triggers and autoresponders)

Follow up your recipients based on their activities and actions (read, click ...).

360 degree client database

Full database on your client with unlimited attributes to know your contacts better.

Advance mailing statistics

Find out how and who reacts to your campaigns.

Segmentation & Targeting

Send the proper message to the proper contact at the proper time through the proper channel with proper information/offer.

Contacts' filters

Filtering by customer information, behavior or any desired attributes.

Mailing lists

Create multiple mailing lists and use them for different purposes to aggregate more data.

Carts statistics

Follow up open carts and abandoned carts statistics and see what products stay left behind.

Customers import

Import all customers or contacts in one go.


DG1.com is a fully GDPR compliant platform.

Processing activities

Manage and add processing activities for your GDPR compliance.

Form creator

Create customized forms for any purpose or need and integrate them on your digital assets.

Form and segment customers export

Contacts export depending on segment or forms they come from.


Simple generic booking

Add booking or reservation products for all possible types.

Booking groups

Booking groups for easier separation of rulings.

Booking categories

Create infinite amount of categories and create sub categories and sub-sub categories in a simple tree structure.

Booking personnel

Allow clients to book the services they want with the person they trust.

Booking reviews

Allow booking reviews so your clients can show their opinion and other customers have an easier way to decide.

Availability management

Custom availability for each booking group.

Promotion tools

One of the most effective promotion engines ever built in a platform with extremely well-thought-of features and endless possibilities to lead your customer's shopping path.


Easy-to-manage discounts that come in all possible types.

Reservations reviews in calendar

Manage schedule in a simple and organized calendar view.

Multiple payment methods

Accept any out of 83% of existing type of payments (Braintree, Coinbase, Datatrans, Bank transfer, On delivery, PayPal Express, Payrexx, Stripe).


Read and download detailed reports on bookings and reservations.

Export booking products

Export bookings/reservations with one click.


Android Mobile APP

Your company mobile APP connected to your digital growth system.

Store submission

We submit and publish your APP on Google play store.

Content control

Manage your mobile APP content inside DG1 environment.

Connect your business locations

Enable navigation services directly to your locations.

Location Services

Automated nearest location service by Google Maps.

Push Notifications

Deliver mobile alerts that catch user's attention.