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Is AI Our Last Invention?

Is AI Our Last Invention?

It’s a simple question – a question that’s been causing lots of expert debate. It all usually boils down to a simple one side versus the other – the supporters of AI against the detractors. Either AI will improve our lives, or it will destroy us.

However, we are here to take a look at the topic in a different light. We will look at it as part of the next industrial revolution, the aptly named Industry 4.0, and the realm of big data in all of that. In the end, we’ll see why AI depends on extensive data and how it’s necessary for the new revolution.

Industry 4.0

The newest industrial revolution is already here. Industry 4.0 implies the use of automation and data exchange in business, and it includes things like cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, data analytics and the Internet of Things.

The point here is that every company looking to improve and advance is taking a step into the digitization of their work. They are thus actively pursuing the industrial revolution of the 21st century.

It’s quite hard not to. You risk becoming obsolete in today’s market as AI and machine learning are bringing considerable advantages to every business.
They are increasing the overall productivity in the company, optimizing the costs, minimizing errors made by humans, and most importantly – they are enabling humans to focus their efforts on other more crucial tasks that improve overall efficiency.

But what does big data have to do with all of this?

Big Data and AI

Big data is essential in today’s business. There’s no doubt about it. It’s quickly becoming evident that those not using the benefits of big data can lose to others because big data presents a lot of benefits.

The usage of big data lowers costs, reduces the time spent on analytics, improves products and services, helps your business genuinely understand the market and the conditions in it, and helps you control your reputation online.

The benefits are everywhere, and it’s no wonder that some are calling big data the lifeblood of the new industrial revolution. To some, big data is industry 4.0, as it cannot function without it.

The further truth is that there is no AI without big data, either. And that’s precisely how we come to the point we wanted to make. You cannot enter the industrial revolution without the use of AI or the use of big data. However, neither AI nor industry 4.0 can exist without big data.

There is no point in discussing the consequences of AI as AI cannot exist without data. Data is necessarily the most important value that helps the market survive, and its use is thus essential. It will not only be true in the future, but it’s true, right here and now.

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