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Construction & real estate

Easy and economical way to set up your online business with multiple functionalities

Create a professional experience for your customers
Do you want to stand out from the competition?
Any business that sells luxury products or more technical and expensive services needs the best possible online presentation. Make your customers feel like they’re already at home.
Do you have all these fantastic images of your products and services and aren’t sure how to put them in a nice layout?
To show perfect images and share all the important details of your products and services, you must really use a platform that provides all the solutions. With DG1, any real estate business can stand out from the competition and impress. We have created themes that offer perfect presentations with large images, multiple galleries, and structured information so your clients can really get a full view of your products.
How many contacts have you lost in the past by not saving them in your system?
Don’t let any of your contacts slip away. Keep in touch and interact. They might not buy a new apartment or build a new house now, but this will change over time, and you will already know exactly what they are looking for. Once you start interacting with your customers or potential clients in a personalized and targeted way, the chances of closing a deal become greater than ever.
Are you still managing all your visits and meetings through phone calls and emails, and struggling to keep in touch?
Manage client visits through our simple booking system. Know exactly who called you, who booked visits, and what exactly were they looking for. Manage your contact information within one database. You’d be surprised at how many contacts you might have lost just by booking visits over the phone. Stop losing potential leads now.