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Branding & personal site

Easy and economical way to set up your online business with multiple functionalities

Distinguish your business from others. Build your reputation.
Are you aware of the importance of living and breathing your own brand through your website?
To control your own brand, you must create a website that attracts, persuades, and promises content that calls for re-visits. The more you can tell, the higher the clicks, and the more good content you create, the more followers you gain.
Want to personalize your website with care and attention and control it all by yourself?
DG1 offers a variety of options to personalize your website, whether you’re a consultant, a lawyer, a doctor who writes a blog, a model, an artist, a lecture, a blogger, etc. Utilize everything DG1 has to offer and you won’t be short of new followers.
Do you want to keep and manage your website and all your contacts with one administrative process?
Use the marketing section to notify your contacts about your updates and activities. With a single login, you can use email, SMS, direct mail, and push notifications to market your brand.
How often have you thought about selling more through your own brand, but couldn’t afford it?
If your brand ever produces products or services to sell or book, you’ve got it all covered with DG1. It’s so easy, so economical and so totally yours, you’ll never want to use anything else.