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One System. One Platform.
One Solution.

Our DG1 platform is the pioneer system that streamlines Industry 4.0 activities. With all digital assets managed inside a single environment, expanding your digital revenue streams has never been so easy and affordable. From streamlining online shopping to digitally organizing restaurant reservations, every industry can benefit from a software solution that encourages easy access and utilization of the data you own. Stop hassling with antiquated systems that require multiple platforms, and experience what a 360-degree solution can offer.

Manage all your data in one environment

Build massive data within a single environment and bring an end to searching for client information across multiple systems. The DG1 platform offers a 360-degree database that aggregates client data from a variety of sources. In today’s dynamic online world, with real-time targeting and personalization, DG1 gives you the tools to enhance customer interactions and properly drive your marketplace strategies.


DG1’s patented E-Commerce solution drives more sales than any other online shopping platform. Our unique automated promotion engine and dynamic content generation features give you a distinct advantage over competitors.


Multichannel marketing campaign management and automation tools allow clients to fully interact with your brand. Direct digital and offline communications based on the dynamic segmentation, targeting, and personalization data you own.


Integrate your existing website with API, or use DG1 to start fresh. With our data aggregation methods, your site will flourish into an active sales channel. DG1’s web content management system lets users easily control website content, all while ensuring desktop and mobile visitors enjoy the exact web experience you intend.


Impress your clients with a reservation system built for universal use across industries. Our booking engine allows all business types to provide a streamlined method for clients to schedule with ease. This customer experience oriented approach allows for system-wide optimization to earn your client’s continued retention.


Imagine your own app available for download from iTunes and Google Play. DG1’s mobile app services for Android and iOS further interconnect your clients to your database. Dedicated mobile support provides clients with seamless interactions, regardless of their device.

One-Time Setup, Never-Ending Support

After you purchase DG1, our boarding specialists will be there to induct and configure the program for you. Our one- time setup fee eliminates the need to hire expensive consultants, and provides direct access to expert insight from our in-house DG1 boarding specialists.

Following the completed setup, we establish a continuous support channel with our customers. Our boarding specialists are trained to answer technical questions, and offer comprehensive strategic advice. As you grow, your DG1 services expand with you, guaranteeing higher sales and digital efficiency.


Schedule a call with our team and develop your DG1 plan


Boarding Specialists directly help in the smooth configuration of your digital assets


Utilize DG1’s big data solutions to maximize your business’ operations

Let your digital revenue streams flow with our on-demand technical and marketing support!

With more than 15 years in the E-Commerce business, we created DG1’s features with
best practices in mind.

Why DG1?

Sales Promotion Engine

Inside our patented E-Commerce solution, we designed a dynamic personalized grid of products where you can manage promotions and push your sales further.

With our patented software tools, you can promote products and brands in eye-catching fashion.

Now, you can freely change the size, frequency, and personalization of your end-user experience to influence lead conversions, and simply sell more.

Segmentation and Targeting

Based on centralized data aggregation, you can collect users’ attributes and their activity across all digital channels.

With the help of our market segmentation and targeting engine, you will deliver the appropriate promotions and communications to the correct audience.

Live active segments interact with ongoing marketing campaigns to constantly and automatically perfect your targeting strategies.

Information Delivery

Through our system, you can deliver more information upfront, reducing the clicks required for a user to reach their desired destination.

Optimized layouts combined with intelligent scrolling and advanced search engine integration smooth out digital marketplace interactions. Our information delivery system reduces customer hassle to maximize potential customer spending.


Attributes based on client data captured across all of DG1’s service can be used to create the optimally personalized end-user experience.

Personalization of digital assets can be made down to a single user level, allowing your content to stand out in the highly competitive delivery channels.

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