Every SME Deserves To Have A Shot At Online Success

Every SME Deserves To Have A Shot At Online Success

It’s easy to look at the current state of online businesses and see it as a game that only the big companies have a stake in. Plenty of massive retailers have cornered the market on certain digital and e-commerce services. But it’s premature to suggest that they are the only ones succeeding – on the contrary, SMEs have the best chance ever in history to reclaim some of the profits that they have lost out on in the past due to these big companies.
Why is this possible? Well, for starters, the start-up costs for going online are a fraction of what the costs are to create new brick-and-mortar business locations. Once online, your site is available for everyone in the world to see, regardless of your actual location. It’s a great equalizer and companies with great word-of-mouth can market from anywhere at low cost.
Secondly, it’s easier than ever to create a complete digital business entirely from scratch using software. All the verticals that you need to succeed, including marketing, e-commerce, big data analysis, and mobile app support, can be integrated into one software package designed to increase the overall profits of your business. Even big companies use similar software, although the prices and overall costs are all-too-often out of the reach of smaller companies.
With DG1, SMEs have access to this same software at affordable prices, making it even easier to make their mark on the digital landscape without having to pay exorbitant fees just to be able to compete. More and more SMEs are seeing that being on a level playing field with larger companies actually gives them a big advantage, as people are more likely to buy from smaller businesses that they know and trust, especially in these troubled times.
Have a look at what DG1 can do for your business:

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