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Why Generation Z Shoppers Matter for Your Business

Why Generation Z Shoppers Matter for Your Business

The global market is changing, and the new generation is taking over as the leading generation in numbers. Generation Z is finally set out to outnumber Millennials in 2019. Until recently, every marketing agency has been talking about how to attract millennials to your stores, but now, you need to start thinking about how to draw in the Gen Z members.

That’s what we’re here to talk about – how to attract Gen Z shoppers and why they matter for your business.

The Impact of Generation Z Shoppers on Small Businesses

There are around 2.6 billion Gen Z members on the planet, which shows what a huge impact they have on business in general.

Gen Z does not consist of children only anymore. Many among them have even started to work. That means that you have to target them even if you don’t sell toys and other things for children.

What’s more, gen Z members are one of the primary customers of industries like the beauty brands. Even though their purchasing power is usually lower, it shouldn’t be underestimated.

Gen Z members affect business through their families as well. Many parents spend a lot on their children and these children, or young adults are all, naturally, from the new generation. They also have an impact on purchasing decisions made by the family.

Furthermore, gen Z is an entirely tech-savvy generation, the first of its kind, and all businesses with a flair for incorporating modern technology into their operations have a better chance of attracting them.

In the end, the time of generation Z members is only beginning, and it will last all the way to 2030, which means that every company that wants to stay in business in the coming years needs to start seriously considering them.

How to Attract Generation Z Shoppers

The best way to attract Gen Z members is with the use of technology, or more specifically, with the use of online shops, digital marketing, social media, and by being phone-friendly.

That’s mostly because this is the first digitally native generation. Generation Z members are those who are born in the mid-1990s and onwards, which means that most of them don’t even know how the pre-internet era looks like. What’s more, some of them barely know how the world without smartphones seems.

If you want to attract the new generation, you have to go digital in as many ways as you can. They want to see a great online store, they’re drawn by marketing on social media, and most importantly, phones are everything to them. That means that you’ll have to be wholly mobile-friendly to attract the digital generation.

You need to offer them what they want to see, and you can do that by stepping into their shoes.

If you’re looking to attract Gen Z members, you’ll have to have everything that modern technology offers to businesses. Get started with all of this right now with some of the best options you have available for the creation and promotion of your online store, mobile app, and website.

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