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Welcome to the DG1 partnership program

Do you love straightforward and intuitive solutions that add true value to your business and help it grow? So do we! Sign up here to become our affiliate and earn money by advocating our unique DG1 platform. After sign up, you will get access to your custom referral link and your own dashboard.

Join the DG1 partnership program
Here's a quick breakdown of how our partnership program works:

Sign up and become our partner

You do not need to be a DG1 customer to become our promotion partner – anyone can join.

Once we confirm your application for our partnership program, you will get your custom referral link that you can share with your audience, as well as your own dashboard for tracking your progress. You can earn a commission for every new and recurring subscription payment made by new paying customers, who join DG1 using your referral link for 6 months. You will earn additional performance bonuses up to USD 1000 per month.

Laura Caradonna
Laura Caradonna

When you find a really good product, it’s easy to promote it. And when you can make some money doing it – all the better. That’s why I love the DG1 partnership program, as the commissions I earn through it more than cover the bill for my summer vacation.

Promote DG1 with your audience

To turn your advocacy of DG1 into profit, all you need to do is share your custom referral link with your audience and make sure they commit to DG1 for at least 60 days. To help you make some noise about DG1, we've lots of useful resources, which you can use including:

Marketing and video content

DG1 blog

DG1 mobile app with a virtual assistant

Free 14-day trial

A dashboard that keeps track of your progress


Make it rain!

Continue spreading the word about DG1 platform. The more subscribers you bring to DG1, the more commissions you earn.

Help businesses grow with DG1

By joining our partnership program you are not only earning some extra money, you are helping your audience tap into the largest market on the planet with over 4 billion customers – the internet!

So become the real driving force and the source of inspiration for your audience as they venture on this exciting journey into online business with DG1.

Join the DG1 partnership program