Own your business

We offer an enterprise experience for all sizes of business.

Online sales

Our patented E-Commerce solution is packed with features that will drive your sales numbers more effectively than any other platform.

Promotion engine

Push relevant and timely promotions to the forefront of what your customers see manually, or let the intelligent grid system do it for you. Our patented system knows what products or services will be most popular for a given client at a certain time, and organizes products automatically.

Infinite scroll

Generate a seemingly limitless marketplace for customers to browse. Populated by relevant products or services based on client data, your clients will always be provided with additional purchasing options.

Advanced search

Too often are users unable to find what they’re looking for, even with site embedded search functions. Our advanced search understands dynamic queries to provide accurate and comprehensive search results to customers.

Fully CMS

100% CMS driven and Modular Home Page

Inventory Management

Intuitively manage your products and services

Header Management

Home page header slide and side banner management system

International Compatibility

Simultaneously support multiple languages and currencies

Device responsive design

Coherent site experience across devices with varying screen sizes

Advanced cart system

Flexible cart system for faster checkout

Push Promoted Products

Determine what users see first in your shop

Payment gateways

Compatible with major payment processors


Synergize our multichannel campaign management and 360-degree client database to generate qualified leads.

360-Degree client database

Our unique ecosystem empowers users to connect client data like never before. With all your client’s activity tracked inside the DG1 platform, your marketing strategies will be appropriately segmented based on the data you own.


Don’t let your marketing campaigns fall short. Automate follow-ups and communications to ensure your marketing efforts achieve maximum efficiency.

Client profitability

Opposed to viewing a single client’s purchases or habits, our client profitability segmentation allows you to clearly view just how profitable clients are, to properly curtail marketing strategies.


Construct forms for mobile and desktop

Multichannel Communication

Send Email, SMS, push notifications, and direct mail to your targets

Unlimited Grouping

Create as many segmented target groups as you need


Manage target audiences audience across all assets


Influence clientele with dynamic web content develop from your database

Adaptive display

Display devices can be small enough to fit in our pockets, or so large all of Times Square can gaze in awe. Unlock your website’s device restrictions with an adaptive system to fit any screen size.

Landing pages

Create and control a variety of landing pages suited for the uses you need. Whether it’s pushing a new promotion, or a seasonal holiday theme, your website’s landing page will never be out of style.

Product Integration

Display relevant products alongside your web content to further drive sales, in a way that feels relevant to users. Create an environment where a site visitor can seamlessly transition into a customer.


Easily integrate your blog seamlessly with web content


Manage all subpages with our CMS tool


Choose from a variety of professionally designed themes

Custom Menus

Arrange menu options as you see fit


Circulate recipes to the clients that earn them


Android mobile applications connected to your DG1 database expand your digital capacity


Publish your mobile app on the Android marketplace, all from within the DG1 platform. Provide users with an experience that’s dedicated to their device type.


Offer mobile app experience to users on-the-go

Trusted Download

Users obtain your mobile app inside Google Play store

Location Services

Allow potential clients to find your locations

Push Notifications

Deliver mobile alerts that catch user’s attention


Our booking engine allows all business types to provide a streamlined method for clients to schedule with ease.

No need for registration

Requiring users to register for a service drastically reduces participation rates. Our booking system collects all the necessary information from customers to complete the transaction, without forcing them to jump over unnecessary hurdles.

Easy to use admin interface

Organize your scheduling options from a powerful, yet streamlined control console. Take total control over how clients schedule your services.

Great user experience

Get more bookings with a user friendly interface

Dashboard overview

Get insights of your bookings with real time statistics!