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How to Optimize Leads Attraction Campaign

How to Optimize Leads Attraction Campaign

Today’s consumers don’t like aggressive advertising campaigns. They want to buy products that can help them improve their lives as well as products from a company whose story they identify with. That is why you cannot capture your leads with an “in-your-face” sales approach. A much more effective strategy is to attract.

Startups and SMBs with no or little contacts need to start somewhere, and that somewhere should be social media. Social media platforms have a global outreach, and when it comes to your lead attraction campaign, there are no limits to the number of people you can reach. That is if you target your ideal consumers the right way. If you’re looking for ways to improve or optimize your lead attraction campaign, here’s what you should pay attention to.

MQL and SQL – What are These?

First, you should learn to make a difference between a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

An MQL is someone who has shown interest in making a purchase. They have already engaged with your business and are open to the idea of buying. They came to you thanks to your marketing efforts, but haven’t decided to buy (yet). It is where you step in their shoes and try to understand their needs.

An SQL is a potential prospect brought in by your marketing department. The sales department continues the interaction to explore their interests and purchasing capabilities. The sales offer the solution to their problems, and later deem them as “qualified.”

Qualified leads are in the process of completing, or have completed, your nurture campaign cycle. They have completed their research, brainstormed and listed what they want from the solution, and are in control of their buying cycle. Also, they have a defined budget and are looking for a solution within their purchasing power.

Unqualified leads don’t know what they are looking for in a solution, are unsure about what you offer, are limited by their budget, and haven’t been nurtured enough to complete their sales cycle.

Social Media for Lead Attraction

If you don’t have contacts to reach out to, utilizing social media is the first logical step in the process of attracting leads.

  • Social paid ads. Paid ads can be beneficial when it comes to gaining new qualified leads, but you must align them with your inbound strategy. Research what type of content your audience likes and create it to attract and convert.

  • Social media contests. Another effective way to raise brand awareness and generate more leads. Contests and giveaways are surefire ways to excite your audience because they get a chance to win prizes.

  • Offer discount codes and flash sales

  • Curate relevant content, spark discussions, give advice and communicate

These are all great ways to expand your list of active contacts that can be deemed as qualified leads. But your work doesn’t end here.

Create Your In-House Lead Database

After you attract new leads on social media, you need to move the collected data to your in-house analytical tools. That way, you will be able to interact with prospects through communication channels of their preference, which will create new opportunities for more in-depth analysis. The information about your leads is captured via landing pages or pop-up forms offering free things (news, exclusive content, e-books, etc.) in exchange for their contact information.

DG1 offers an all-in-one solution for attracting leads and capturing their information. With our platform, you can post a lead generation form on Facebook, get all your lead information back directly into your system, and build your lead database. Thanks to the integration with our marketing tool, you can then easily send them Push Notifications, SMS, or emails.

Get started with DG1 to get the software you need to optimize your leads attraction campaign.

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