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How to handle multi-language web content while globalizing your business

How to handle multi-language web content while globalizing your business

At the moment, over 50% of the world population use the internet. This implies that businesses interested in globalization, reaching more customers, and making profits must take advantage of the arrays of opportunity provided by the World Wide Web. 

One way this can be done perfectly is by building a unique website with attention-grabbing multi-language web content. Read on to find out more on how to handle multi-language web content while globalizing your business. 

How can businesses handle multi-language web content? 

At the moment, making a good impression with a business website is paramount. This is because research has shown that 88% of online customers would likely not return after a bad experience on a website. 

Although English is the most popular amongst internet users, with 25.9% of internet users speaking English, there is still a larger 74.1% of internet users speak other languages. 

In this case, having multi-language website content can help users from various backgrounds have a soft landing on your site. However, in an attempt to get through to the multi-language community, it is important not to stray away from the core message of your brand or organization. 

Do not attempt to change your brand message just to please your customers using multi-language. Instead, you could work on a few things like the website color and promotional channels. 

Furthermore, ensure that your multi-language web content is localized. Localization entails making the target audience feel and know that the content was created specifically for them.

It is vital to hire highly skilled proofreaders to go through your content and eliminate all difficulties when translating to different languages. 

In addition, you can also take advantage of different translation management software in creating multi-language web content. DG1 integrated Deepl engine directly inside web CMS so you can translate your web sites within a blink of an eye, which allows easy development of websites in various languages.

Next, ensure that the content marketing strategy of your multi-language website is properly integrated. All channels used by the business must be accessible. 

Also, note that keywords and SEO helps to increase website visibility. 


No doubt multi-language website contents offer so many benefits to a business. Apart from localization and the sense of belonging it gives to the potential customers, it also helps the business reach a larger audience, increase conversion, and reduces bounce rate.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits that multi-language web content offers to various business, then you should opt for platforms like DG1.

DG1 is the No1 system for SMEs that wants to grow globally. We offers multi-language, multi-tax, multi-currency, and multiple sites in a single environment. The platform integrates DeepI AI translation engine into DG1 drag & drop CMS so you can translate your web content with a blink of the eye. Get in touch and take advantage of all the benefits that DG1 offers.

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