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Text Content

Please write your site content for each individual page in a .doc file.

Example: "aboutus.doc" would contain your company description, "home.doc" would contain your homepage text, etc.

Then, save all files in a folder and send them to your DG1 Project Manager.

Your project manager will be assigned to you in the next few days. Please continue to prepare the content in the meantime.

Photo Content and Contact List

For every picture, please write down company name/brand-the product-the product description (splitting all the individual words with hyphens)




  • It is important that your product pictures are horizontal on a neutral background (white is best).

  • Your product picture should not be over 120 kb.

  • Your company picture should not be above 350 kb.

Please save all pictures in a folder and send it to us.


Don't forget to send your company logo, preferably in a vector (.svg) or PNG format!


Note: DG1 works with several professional photographers. For more information, email hello@dg1.com.

If you send us product pictures, do not forget to also send us specifics about that product; e.g., price, minimum order, delivery cost, vat, available colours, etc.

Note: If you make choose to make a batch upload as described below, you can also set picture descriptions in the same file.

Otherwise, please create a table with the first columns as the picture name, and then add columns for every specific detail.


Column 1: corbara-tomatoes-dry tomatoes

Column 2: Price

Column 3: Available quantity and so on

Do you already have a contact list to upload to DG1? Please create a file in Excel, and then save it as a .csv file. Please write down all the features and preferences of your clients in separate columns.


First name, last name, email, phone number, city, preferred colour, most purchased product, etc.

Product List Import

DG1 allows the batch importation of products. In order to upload all your items, please prepare an Excel file with the columns named as follows:

  • Custom product IDs

  • Product groups and their IDs

  • Custom product group IDs

  • Brands and their custom IDs

  • Categories and their custom IDs

  • Tax rates

  • General specifics on the product like Name and Price

  • EAN/UPC codes (this is not obligatory, and you do not have to add it unless you wish to import codes together with the products)

  • Attributes (descriptions, specifications, sizes, colours etc.) – any descriptions can be also added as full sentences.

  • Stock

If you need to update your stock often, or if you simply have a lot of items, we can connect DG1 with your CRM or stock manager. This will save you time and make your online and offline business perfectly synced.Integration is free of charge. For information, email hello@dg1.com.

Example of the importing file:


To avoid losing any content, we kindly ask you to send all information through a single contact person.

To send files:


To process photographs:
https://pixlr.com/editor (FREE)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator


To reduce the size of images:
https://tinypng.com/ (FREE)
Adobe Photoshop


Do you want to upload videos to DG1?
You can upload your videos in the system or link them from your YouTube channel!
We would appreciate it if you would be as methodical as possible in sending us the info.

The sooner you send us everything, the sooner you’ll profit thanks to:



Send us your files to get started


Please read and follow the above instructions carefully before sending.