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What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

Getting that engine running is hard in the first place. We get it. Who said it was going to be easy anyway? Ask any successful entrepreneur and he will be happy to share his stories of failure with you.

Not to be sounding disappointing at all. The business you built should ideally reflect your passion to succeed or a product/ service that changes the world. You could be an Airbnb owner who desires to go global with your own rental company and you’ve got the drive. Or you could be a restaurant chain owner that wants to capture the online delivery market. We believe you’ve got the passion to excel.

Starting a business with the use of an ecommerce website, app marketing or digital marketing campaign can be one of the few steps you will be taking.

We want you to figure out what type of entrepreneur you are. Whatever you decide will eventually decide the fate of your company.

Are you a ‘Hustler’ enthusiastic go-getter who is ready to juggle, and dip hands into everything possible to make that extra buck.

Would you choose to be an ‘innovator’ – whose been planning the launch of a product or service that has uniqueness and technological advancement.

Work is life and you’d do it like a ‘machine’ or even better. High efficiency and great quality is key for a machine entrepreneurs attitude.

The stars were aligned for you to be born with a business sense and a knack of trade. It’s your instinct or strong social skills that will take your business to places. This would make you a true Prodigy.

Or, business does not happen without a plan. However, Strategists are tactical planners and they are always five steps ahead of their game. Strategists have higher success stories to tell.
You’ve thought of a business or venture that is not only lucrative but also has a forward-looking approach and benefits the masses or community at large. You get termed as a Visionary as you’ve foreseen what awaits the future of your business.

Interestingly you can choose to be either of them. But success rate points directly towards a successful entrepreneur being a strategist. A well-planned strategy and the correct digital marketing tools will be the key for any organization to fulfil its goals.

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