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Welcome to AI GPT-4 Powered CMS

Your Gateway to Intelligent Content Management

OpenAI’s GPT-4 is a next–generation generative AI tool, which – combined with DG1’s CMS – takes content management to a whole new level.  This powerful combination enables businesses, bloggers, and organizations to streamline content creation, curation, and delivery processes based on the natural language processing and text generation capabilities of GPT-4.

DG1’s cutting-edge Content Management System makes extensive use of GPT-4
across various functionalities, allowing you to:

Create Compelling Content with AI Copywriting

An integrated content generation tool that whips up blog posts, articles, product descriptions or social media updates in seconds. And what’s best – you can do it all from within DG1 without ever having to switch to a different solution.

Enhance Multilingual Capabilities with a built-in translation tool powered by DeepL

Seamlessly translate and adapt your web content for global audiences, breaking language barriers effortlessly.

Chat with DG1 Support AI assistant

Get firsthand information about the use of DG1 platform, ask for support with initial setup process, step-by step instructions about the use of specific DG1 functionalities, or even expert marketing advice to help boost your business.

Use Instanews to keep your audiences across different channels up to date

Instanews takes your Instagram posts and turns them into engaging content, so that your audiences are always in the loop about your activities, events and points of interest – even if they don’t use Instagram.

Manage business with DG1 management app

publish Instanews content on your website or blog, monitor your overall performance, check orders and reservations, send out push notifications and flash campaigns or request support on the go – all with the help of DG1’s in-app AI assistant.