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Native Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Against Plugin Solution

Native Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Against Plugin Solution

With a multilingual website, you will speak to customers in their language. That way, you can connect to a broader audience and make engagement more accessible. Many startups and SMB owners realize that building a trustworthy website involves a lot more than simple web development and deployment. They fail to see the importance of multi-language and multi-currency support, which then prevents them from accessing the global market.

Google Translate is Not Even Close to a Solution

So, business owners may think that by installing a Google Translate (or any other translator) plugin will solve their problem. But translating a website that way is counterproductive. If you want your site to feel natural, then you need a human touch. Free translating tools can’t capture the idioms, the rhetoric, the beauty, and nuances of a language. Grammatical errors and clunky sentences can be quite costly to your business.

Another important area where Google’s machine translation falls short is SEO. As you may already know, Search Engine Optimization is essential for your flagship site, and it’s also crucial as you are establishing multilingual websites in foreign markets. You want customers from those countries to understand your messages and discover your products and services. So, it’s crucial that search engines can find your translated content.

Google translate is not enough because of poor translation quality and SEO-related issues. Search engines have much evolved and have their standards for quality and authentic content. In the past, you could have repeated the same keyword over and over again for your site to be deemed as relevant, but today that will hurt your search engine rankings. Google rewards authentic and relevant content that is trusted by visitors.

It requires time and money to create quality material that addresses issues your audience has, and provide them with education and information, and feels customized to their needs. If not inaccurate, machine translation is notoriously robotic and stilted – it cannot capture personality and brand voice. That means that it won’t resonate with your international audiences, and people won’t stick around.

Also, Google penalizes websites that use automated content, which includes text translated by an automated tool without curation before publishing or human review. That includes Google Translate.

What about Multi-Currency Plugin Solutions?

Having a multi-currency e-commerce website is an important selling point, and a user experience component for your business, which is something multi-language and multi-currency plugins can’t help you with. International website visitors will see their native currency while browsing your site and not only when they’re about to check out. All that will add to creating a more rounded, personalized, and unique experience that your international customers will appreciate.

AdWeek reported that marketers are still missing the mark, even though they understand the importance of personalization in marketing. Therefore, by employing a native solution to create a multi-language and multi-currency will give you a significant competitive edge from the beginning.

DG1 system offers several major world languages: English, French, Italian, German, Slovenian, Japanese, and Chinese. Our solution is native – we won’t translate your e-commerce website but build it with multiple languages from scratch. As for multi-currencies, we don’t use plugins but offer a more complex and comprehensive native solution for creating a genuine, personalized experience for your international customers.

Browse our website or call us for more information, or get started with us right now.

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