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Upsell & Cross-sell

Upselling and cross-selling are very effective and easy to use sales techniques, which you can use to promote specific products, brands or categories directly on your product pages and/or the checkout page of your online shop. You can manage them by navigating to SHOP -> PROMOTIONS -> Upsell & Cross-sell section in your DG1 admin panel.

Upsell & Cross sell left menu

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Add a new sales offer

  1. To add a new sales offer, click Add Add Upsell & Cross sell button.

Add sales offer in DG1 admin

  1. Enter details about your sales offer in the Settings tab:
    • Cross-sell / Upsell: Choose your promotion type using the check box with the respective option – or both.
      • Cross-sell offers promote products, brands or categories by displaying them on the target product’s page, which is especially useful for selling products that your customers might want to buy in addition to the product they are viewing.
      • Upsell offers are visible in the first step of the checkout page and are a convenient tool for offering your customers a last-minute upgrade of their purchase to a better version of the product or sell an add-on item to maximize revenue after the purchase decision.
    • Enter the Name of your sales offer.
    • Set the duration of your promotion using the Active from and Active to fields, and confirm selected date and time with Done.
    • Priority – in case you have multiple sales offers connected to a product, brand or category, the priority value will determine in which order your sales offers will appear. To set a priority, be sure to use an integer number (1,2,3,10), where sales offers with a higher number (10) are shown before those with lower numbers (1).

Upsell & Cross sell setting

  1. Go to the Targets tab and select the products, brands and/or categories where you would like for the new sales offers to appear, then confirm selected targets with OK.

Note: Targets are specific products, brands or categories where your sales offer will appear.

Example: If you choose the Red Jersey T-shirt (product), Mens world (brand) and Men’s clothing (category), the promoted product will appear on the product page of the Red Jersey T-shirt, as well as under all the products of Mens world brand and in the entire Men’s clothing category.

Selecting target product for Upsell & Cross sell

  1. Finally, open the Offers tab to choose the products, brands and/or categories that you wish to promote in your sales offer.
    Example: To offer Fitaki cheese (product), click Select products, check the desired product and confirm selection with OK.
  2. To save your new sales offer, click Submit submit.

Your new sales offer has been activated and is therefore colored green (Active). When a promotion is Inactive, it appears in grey color.

Edit sales offers

Click Edit edit, modify the information you wish to edit and confirm changes with Submit submit.

Delete sales offers

To delete a sales offer, click Delete delete and confirm deletion with OK.

Upsell & Cross sell delete popup

Front-end view

To check out the front-end appearance of your newly created Cross-sales offer, open the target product page in your online shop. The relevant cross-sale offer will appear at the bottom of your page under We also recommend heading.

Cross sell view on the front-end

To check out the front-end appearance of your Upsell offer, add the targeted product to your cart and proceed to the first step of checkout, where you can see the sales offer under We also recommend heading.

Upsell view on the front-end

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