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All these 4 pages are by default added to your system and to your theme. Some include content and some don’t. We suggest you prepare all these 4 pages according to your business structure and the services or products you are planning to offer on your site.

Privacy Policy is a page where you state some or all of the ways your party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages customer or client’s data. Privacy policy is legally required and it’s one of the most essential legal requirements for websites.
The privacy laws around the world dictate that if you collect personal information from your website, then you need to have a Privacy Policy posted to your site.
Since the Privacy policy documentation is most of the times prepared by lawyers, we suggest you use some of the online privacy policy generators, for example Termsfeed, which will help you create a proper document, suitable for your website and your business.

Terms and Conditions (also known as terms of use and terms of service) are rules by which one must agree to abide in order to use a service. In simple words, they are a legal contract between you (the company) who has a website or mobile app and the users who access your website and mobile app. Terms and Conditions are not required by law and are completely optional. To prepare the documentation accordingly you can simply use Terms and conditions generator.

Help can be renamed to Support, FAQ, Knowledge base, etc. All of these webpages are intended to provide assistance to users. They are important as they are useful. These pages are also crucial for the search engines and SEO optimization.
Usually the FAQ page includes high-quality content to help customers in the shortest possible time. Any kind of support pages will help reduce stress of your site visitors in case they are looking for something inside your content.
Unfortunately there is no template to ease your creation of this page but think about it from the perspective of helping your site visitors in the best possible way. Ask yourself the most frequent questions and though the site traffic you will receive more examples anyway. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to figure out what questions or problems they might experience. Format your content for easy consumption, your content should be easy to read and follow Use bullet points and short paragraphs to provide easy reading for your site visitors.
In case of having shop or booking, make sure you provide the full shopping/reservation process and solutions for any problems that might occur. The support pages can rank very high in the search engines so make sure you provide the proper keywords and real-life questions.

About us page
Your About Us page is very important. One would say it’s sometimes vital. Very often it represents the first stop in the website’s journey of any site visitor. The About us page should never be hidden so we suggest you make it an exposed and an important menu item in your navigation. About us has to be informative. You don’t need to tell the whole story but try to provide your site visitors with an idea of what and who you are. About us should contain testimonials and some personal information that viewers can relate to such as education, family, etc. It should be useful and engaging and easy to navigate to. Don’t design it in a way that it will be difficult to reach on mobile devices. The About us page in the content editor of your web cms includes a suggested set and order of sections. If you wish to keep it that way, simply edit the content, add text and change images.

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