Uploading images
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Uploading images

Uploading images occurs in many places in your system. You can use many different kinds of images for your online store, including your company logo, product images slideshows, banners, galleries, blog posts images, newsletter images, and many more. Depending on how and where you want to use the image, it might be best to upload it in a certain size or format. If you can’t, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. DG1’s unique image cropper will help you get the correct size and layout of your image at any time.

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Upload images to Files

You can upload images to your website as it comes and when you need to, or you can upload images in the Files.

  1. To upload images to Files go to Settings.
  2. Go to the File system and click Files.


  3. The File selector will open.
  4. Click Upload upload.
  5. Click the blue Upload files button, select images or video and click Open OR simply drag files to this pop-up.

    upload box

  6. Select files and click Open.
  7. Click X.

    upload box close

  8. The files you chose are uploaded in your Files.


Manage Files

Placeholders are the files that have been uploaded to the system through development. DG1 placeholders contain many images from the themes. You can either delete them or use them for your theme. We suggest you always use your own images to personalize your business.

Unsplash folder - contains all the Unsplash images you downloaded.

To add a new folder click add folder. Name the folder. Press enter.

When selecting images, you can do the following:

select file system

  • Copy images to another location
  • Move images to another location
  • Delete images
  • Rename images

To change the view order of your files, navigate to the dropdown order by file system.

Preview images

To preview uploaded images in the Files, click on the image. You have several options while previewing your files:
  • Download file
  • Share file
  • Rename file
  • Copy file
  • Move file
  • Delete file
  • Type the label and click Save. This label will be saved as Alt text for this image.

    preview options

Note! When you are adding or editing a product, or adding images with the content editor to your CMS section, or creating marketing campaigns, the images you uploaded on the fly are also saved in the Files.

Upload images to your online SHOP, BOOKING, CMS, and MARKETING

  • SHOP - images from Files
    • In the Catalog -> Products click Attachments tab
    • Click Select files
    • Choose an already uploaded image, click Select and Select & Close.
  • SHOP - upload new images
    • In the Catalog -> Products click Attachments tab
    • Click Select files
    • Click Upload
    • Click the blue Upload files button.
    • Select images from your files or Unsplash and click Open.
    • Click Select & Close.
    • In the Booking products click Attachments tab
    • Click Select files
    • Click Upload
    • Click the blue Upload files button.
    • Select images from your files or Unsplash and click Open.
    • Click Select & Close.
    • In the newsletter draft select the Add section.
    • Select whichever section with an image.
    • Double click the image or select the image and click ckeditor.
    • Click Browse server.
    • Select images from your files or Unsplash and click Open.
    • Click Select & Close.
    • Change the pixels to adjust the image size or to do it easily, follow the next steps:
      • Go to Width and change it to 100% width.
      • Delete Height pixels height.
      • Click on the lock so it turns to locked lock.
      • Click OK ok.
    • In the content editor select any section with images.


    • Click Select image
    • Select images from your files or Unsplash and click Open.
    • Click Select & Close.
    • Adjust the positioning of the image with the image cropper.

      cropper adjustment

    • Click Save image.

Image formats

DG1 supports the following image formats:
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • WebP
  • SVG for logos

Video formats

DG1 supports mp4 video format with codec h.264.
In the content editor select sections with videos and upload and publish your videos there.

Upload limitations

We would suggest you upload images or videos of a maximum size of 32 MB. The images up to 32 MB will appear correctly anywhere in the system. However, the perfect image size is anything up to 1 MB or a maximum width of 2000 pixels. Try not to exceed the width of 4000 pixels.

Here is why:
  • The smaller images take less time to upload.
  • The smaller images take less loading time for your site visitors.
  • The smaller images don’t take up unnecessary space.
  • The smaller images are easy for search engines to index.

Note: When uploading images for product categories, all product categories must contain images of the same dimensions. We recommend the image size of 400 x 300 px.

When uploading images for Parallax and Background image with text box sections the image must not have space in the name.

Compressing images

DG1 compresses images when they are displayed in your online store to keep the load times fast. To compress an image means simply to reduce the size of the file to allow faster page loading. DG1 optimizes images automatically.

Please make sure your images are in RGB color mode and not in CMYK.

Unsplash images

Unsplash is an outsourced free image provider that offers a large collection of free high-resolution photos and has become one of the best sources for stock images. All photos are released for free under the Unsplash license.

Unsplash is available in your DG1 file selector.

  • When the file selector opens, click the Unsplash - free images tab.


  • Browse images by using the search bar.
  • Click an image to see a preview of the image in your theme.
  • After you find an image that you want to use, click Select, and then Select&Close.
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