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Discount Import

DG1 allows you to import multiple discounts into the system.
The most important information used for importing discounts into DG1 platform are the following:
  • Name
  • Status
  • Valid from
  • Valid to

You can find an example of a discount import .csv spreadsheet with all the headers here.

Here are the instructions for each header (column), which you can select in your imported file, and how/what to write in the .csv spreadsheet.

Name One of the most important information that is required in each import. Name can contain letters, numbers, text symbols, and spaces.
Note Used in tooltips in the front-end view to describe the discount. Note can contain letters, numbers, text symbols and spaces.
Promo code Use only alpha-numerical characters and/or dash. Min. length: 3 characters.
Number of uses The number of times a promo code can be used (example: 20).
Number of uses per contact The number of times this promo code can be used by a registered user (example: 5).
Minimum cart sum< Total value of all products in the cart. Do not include any currency symbols (example: 50).
Minimum quantity in cart Minimum quantity of targeted items in cart (example: 250).
Status For a discount promotion to be functional, it has to be Enabled. To enable a discount, set the status to Enabled. To disable a discount, set it to Disabled.
Valid from Enter the discount start date using the UTC timezone and the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
Valid to Enter the discount end date using the UTC timezone and the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
Show in grid filters 1 - checked (YES), 0 - unchecked (NO)
Locked 1 - checked (YES), 0 - unchecked (NO)
Discount percent Do not include any percent symbols (example: 50).
Discount amount Do not include any percent symbols (example: 50).
Cart discount percent Do not include any percent symbols (example: 50).
Cart discount amount Do not include any percent symbols (example: 50).
Number of payable items Set the required quantity at which free items are enabled.
Number of free items Set the quantity of free items, which the customer will receive.
Free shipping 1 - checked (YES), 0 - unchecked (NO)
Shipping discount Do not include any percent symbols (example: 50).
Apply to all products 1 1 - checked (YES), 0 - unchecked (NO)
Products Find respective product IDs in Catalog -> Products-> ID. To target multiple products separate product IDs with seperator “|” (example: 101|102|103|104).
Brands Find respective brand IDs in Catalog -> Brands -> ID. To target multiple brands separate brand IDs with seperator “|” (example: 1|2|5).
Specific categories Find respective category IDs in Catalog -> Categories -> ID. To target multiple categories separate category IDs with seperator “|” (example: 425|426|427|408).
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