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Extremely important tool in DG1 online shop, that will help you attract new customers and help you retain your regular customers is Discounts.
In your Shop section go to Promotions and click Discounts. Once you created discount, it will always stay in your discounts archive. Even once a discount is not active anymore and is therefore marked as Disabled, you still can edit it and discount and activate it again.


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Add new discount


  1. To add new discount click Add add.


  2. Enter discount details:
    • In Settings you will define conditions under which the discount will work.
      • You have to write a Name of your discount offer.
      • The Note will be used in tooltips in the front-end view to describe the discount.
      • Promo code is important for when a specific discount is linked to coupons in your marketing promotions. Note! When no promo code is set, the discount will apply for all.
      • Number of uses - You can also limit the use of promo code with the amount of times it can be used.
      • Number of uses per contact - You can limit the code by how many times a single contact (defined by email address) can use it.
      • With Minimum cart sum you choose to limit discounts only to customers who will spend a specific amount of money in your online shop. It depends on your general site settings whether this amount is net or gross.
      • With Minimum quantity in cart you limit a discount with how many targeted products customer has to have in their cart to validate discount.
      • Set time validation (From/To) of the discounts promotion to be functional and it has to be Enabled. To disable the discounts click Disable.
      • To make discounts visible in products grid check the Show in grid filters.
      • By checking Locked, discounts will be disabled until they are unlocked by Promotions. To share this discount with only specific audiences, lock it, go to promotion tools and target your specific users. Under Set promotions unlock your discount. The discount will apply only to targeted users within that promotion. Leave unchecked if you wish all users to see this discount.
  3. You can choose between three types of discounts:
    • Regular discounts are specified by percentages or by value in your currency. These discounts can be applied to products or carts. If they are applied to products, you must also set the targets. If they apply to Carts, then targets are not obligatory.


    • Free items are specified by the amount of products that have to be bought by customer to enable free items.

    add new

    • Discount on Shipping. You can choose between Free shipping or between a Shipping discount defined by percentages. Note! If you add free shipping to only specific products in your shop, the discount will apply to the whole cart even if it contains products without free shipping discount.

    discount shipping

    • Then set the Targets:
      • You can apply discounts to ALL products by checking the box.
      • You can choose specific products and after selecting them click OK.
      • You can choose specific brands and after selecting them click OK.
      • You can select a whole category by checking the box next to desired category or subcategory.

    add new

    1. To save click Submit submit.

    Edit discount

    Click Edit edit and change information, set new dates or new conditions, under which the discount will work. Most importantly to reactivate a discount change the Status from Disabled to Enabled and confirm it with Submit submit.

    edit discount 50 off all cheeses

    Delete discount

    To delete a discount click Delete delete and confirm it with OK.


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