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Data processing permissions

DG1 only serves as a platform for delivering your online content, which means that all permissions and/or consents, needed for processing activities involving personal data under the EU’s GDPR or relevant data protection or privacy laws in other countries, are your sole responsibility as administrator and business owner. Further on, you and your company will be solely responsible for sending out marketing materials without a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous written consent for the use of personal information from your contacts. To read more about the consents under EU legislation, please click here.

The DG1 platform provides you with a certain level of protection against unintentional misuse when activating marketing campaigns in your marketing section. In case you do not have a written consent to use specific channels or attributes from your contacts, the DG1 platform will not allow you to send out marketing materials without permissions for each channel or attribute. DG1 is here to help you understand the importance of consents when using marketing campaigns within the EU and under EU legislation.

By going to Settings -> Processing permissions, you can see which permissions or types of personal information require you to obtain consent from your contacts. These are:
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Mobile phone number
  • Name
  • Phone number

If you have imported contacts in the past that do not have permission to use the data and channels from the above list, such contacts will not be added to your marketing campaigns once you process them.

Edit permissions manually

What you can do is Edit edit each contact in your marketing section manually. To do this, go to the Permissions tab, select the consent form on the left and then select all the necessary checkboxes. But be aware you may be held responsible for checking those boxes and you must have a written consent from your contacts to do so. DG1 accepts no responsibility or liability for any actions you take when deciding to check the permissions without obtaining a prior written consent from your contact(s).

Importing contacts with permissions

If you wish to re-import all your contacts from the system to change their permissions, you can do so using the Import import option on the Audience/Contacts settings page.

Import contacts

However, with this action you must be sure to specify permissions one by one and – more importantly – select only the ones you were given consent for.

Importing contacts with permissions

Permissions in forms

When creating new forms, you must make sure you add data processing activities to your forms. The permissions are automatically added for the Marketing newsletter OPT-IN and Personalization & Profiling consent if the contact selects the checkboxes in the form and successfully confirms the form submission confirmation in the email.

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