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Create Quick campaign

  1. Go to Marketing section.
  2. Under Marketing tools click Quick campaign.

campaign quick start

The moment you click Quick campaign you enter a Wizard which will guide you through all the steps of creating a great multichannel campaign.

  1. Enter details about Quick campaign:
    • Name your campaign. Example: White chocolate promo Okt.
    • Choose your Mailing lists. A Default mailing list is already chosen. If you want to get rid of it click the “x”. To select multiple mailing lists click in the window and choose mailing lists.
    • Select Segments.

    Note: By adding segments, you will narrow down your mailing lists contacts to only those contacts who match contacts in your segments. This is fantastic when you wish to focus on only certain people with certain interests. Example: White chocolate and nuts lovers.

    • Choose the Language of the campaign. Example: English.
    • OPTIONAL: Under Advanced settings schedule the processing of your campaign if you wish to activate the campaign on a certain date and at a specific time.
  1. Click Next next.

At this stage your campaign has already been saved to the campaign list.

Note: If you ever leave or exit this campaign, you will not be able to finish it in the quick campaign wizard. You will have to go and finish up and activate each marketing tool separately.

  1. Click Finish form wizard.

Quick campaign - Newsletter

If you do not wish to add Newsletter to your campaign, click Skip ship.

First step:

  • Write a Subject. Example: Get your favorite white chocolate 50% off.
  • Write a Summary. Example: We have a super high-value offer today to save 50% off White Chocolate. This offer will be valid only until the end of the month!
  • Choose a Newsletter template. Example: Craft Fresh Blue.
  • Click Next next.

Second step:

  • Create your own newsletter content (Add photos, links and texts to your likings).
    Text alternative for email clients which struggle to open HTML content will be created automatically.
  • Click Next next.

Note: To find out more on how to create a newsletter please go to Marketing newsletter manual.

Quick campaign - Message

If you do not wish to add Message to your campaign click Skip ship.

  • Create a text Message for your customers.

Tip: To make messages more personal add Customer data/attributes. Example: First name.

  • After you add your text and customer data then also add the Unsubscribe link.

Note: To find out more on how to create a message, go and check Marketing message manual.

Click Finish finish.

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