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Create Message campaign

  1. Go to Marketing section.
  2. Under Marketing tools click Messages.

message actions

  1. Click Add add.

message actions

  1. Enter details about Message campaign:
    • Write a Name. Example: SMS Sept 2017.
    • Key is written automatically.
    • You can add Description (optional).
    • Choose a Language. Example: English.
    • To add Message campaign to an already existing campaign choose the Main campaign. This is useful in case of viewing and analyzing campaigns’ statistics.
    • You can Schedule the processing in advance. Example: Next day at 9:00 AM.
    • Segment - Very important for your targeting campaigns is choosing the right segments of your contacts. (Not obligatory).

Note: Be aware that if you choose a segment the message will only be sent to contacts from this segment.

  • Mailing list - If you do not wish to add segments and would like to send Message to different mailing lists, choose your mailing lists. The default mailing list will already be chosen. To add others, click next to Default one in the window and click the names of Mailing lists. (Obligatory). To delete them, click x’s.
  • You can connect message campaigns to specific products by clicking Select products. Choose a product by checking the checkbox and click OK. You select a product only if you will be informing your contacts about this product specifically. This is only for your reference. This product will not be seen in the text message.
  • Type is automatically chosen as SMS.
  • Send from name - Write a name from which the message will be sent. Example: DG1.
  • Type your Message. Be aware that you can and should use Contact data and attributes for personalized messages. When adding attributes and contact information, be careful how you form a text around them. Example: Dear [[contact:firstname]], because we know you like [[contact:attribute:favorite_dish]] we would like to tell you that our online shop offers all the ingredients so that you can prepare your favorite dish at home. Please visit www.organico.com and use this special promotional code 12345 for your discount.

Recommendation: Add the unsubscribe link.

  1. To save click Submit submit.
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