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Booking personnel

Many industries are driven towards personalization of their products and services. When it comes to booking services, many businesses like to expose staff members as part of their offer (Examples: any consulting companies, massage, nail, cosmetic and hair salons, language schools etc.). In this chapter we will show you how to add and manage booking products with staff members. In DG1 we refer to staff as Personnel.

Personnel can only be added to booking products within Custom time booking groups.

  • Let’s quickly repeat the process of adding booking groups to your booking section.
    1. Booking section
    2. Booking groups
    3. Add new
    4. Write a name
    5. Choose Booking type (Custom time)
Note: Only Custom time allows you to add personnel members to your booking products.
    1. Decide on the type of Duration
    2. To Show booking product price choose Yes.
    3. Click Submit submit.

After adding booking products to your booking group:

  1. Go to Personnel and click Add add.


  1. Enter the following details.
    • General settings
      • Write a Name of the staff member
      • Add a short description
      • URL will be written automatically
      • Add a Custom person ID for this staff member (not obligatory)
    • Site specific settings
      • Additional price with tax
        Note: This price will be added to the price of the booking product and that will then create the final price.
      • Choose your Tax rate.
      • Show price
      • Leave Activate personnel checked to make this person visible and uncheck it to hide the staff member from the front end.
    • SEO
      • Include search words - define search words. The internal search engine will find the product/person when searching for these words.
      • Exclude search words - you can tell the internal search engine to exclude the product/person when searching for these words.
      • Searchable - Check the box to make the product/person visible to external search engines like Google.
      • SEO image - choose an image to enable Google search by image.
      • SEO Description is a short description for your external search engines.
      • SEO keywords are searched words. You can use words or phrases and you always separate them by commas.
    • Attachments
      • Add images of your booking personnel.
    • Categories
      • Add staff member to a specific category.
  2. After adding all necessary info about your staff member click Submit Submit.
  3. Go to Availability, then go to Personnel and click Add add. In case you added multiple booking groups, you will probably have to select the required booking group in a pop-up and click Add new add new.


    • General
      • Name your rule
      • Choose staff member (Personnel)
      • Set Priority for this staff member. If you set multiple availability rules for the same staff member then be aware that higher priority will override all availability rules with lower priorities.
    • Availability
      • Set the time frame in which this staff member works
      • Add Available time slots for this staff member
      • Set working days in the weekdays. Checked boxes mean this staff member is available on those days.
  4. To confirm click Submit submit.

You have successfully added a personnel member to your system. To add booking product with personnel member go to Add new booking product and follow the instructions.

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