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Booking dashboard

Your Booking dashboard page gives you a full overview of statistics and metrics relevant for your online booking service over a selected period of time. To select the period of the displayed data, go to the top right corner of your Booking dashboard and select the preferred period from the drop-down menu.

Quick links

On the right side of your Booking dashboard you can find the Quick links menu, where you can quickly access your your main booking settings such as products and categories, reservations and availability of your booking products, but also general settings, such as Taxation rules, Payment methods, Discounts, Reviews and Promotion tools.

Booking dashboard quick links

Below you can find short descriptions of all the metrics and statistical data on your Booking dashboard:

Booking revenue

The Booking revenue in the chosen currency graph shows the revenue of the booking products in the selected period. Note that the statistics are generated for the current moment and do not change for the past. Example: even if your bookings get canceled but were already paid for, the statistics of the bookings will not change.

Booking revenue

Total bookings

The Total bookings graph shows the amount of all the bookings in the selected period of time.

Total bookings


The Bookings donut graph gives you an overview of reservations for all your booking products, including staff members. If you scroll over a specific section, you can see how many times each item/staff member was booked.

Booking dount


The Booking revenue graph shows the revenue generated by your reservations over the last 7 days. By hovering over the nodes in the diagram you can also view the data for each specific day.

Booking reservation reveue

Bookings summary

The Bookings summary shows the number of all the bookings and average bookings per day in the selected period.

Booking summary

Top 5 booking products

In the Top 5 booking products section you can see your best-selling booking products.

Top 5 booking products

Top 5 customers

The Top 5 customers section shows customers who have spent the most on your booking services.

Top 5 booking customers

Top 5 flipped booking items

The Top 5 flipped booking items section shows the most frequently flipped booking products.

Top 5 flipped booking items


If you know what you are looking for, but don’t quite know where to find it, you can use the search section at the bottom of the Booking dashboard page to quickly find and navigate to the required settings or index page within your Booking. The incremental or real-time search field will instantaneously return results if the searched keyword can be found within DG1 Booking settings.

Booking links
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