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Add product with variations

Products sold in a variety of options such as different colors and sizes are called variations of a specific product. You might have also heard of the expression variant instead of variation. If you sell a T-shirt in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) and in two colors (red and black), you essentially have 6 variations of the same product, with one variation being a medium red T-shirt.

To prepare variations in a smooth way, follow the below steps in the exact order:
  1. Add all the attributes
  2. Create a product group
  3. Add attributes to an attribute group
  4. Add the default and variation products
  1. Go to Settings -> Attributes in your DG1 admin panel and click Add add button in the top right corner.

Attribute settings

Choose either Select or Select with image when you wish to show your customers available colors, sizes, or any other different options to choose from.

Attribute options selection

When adding the Select with image attribute, make sure you have an image for each option already prepared (in our case color), so you can upload it to your file selector. Click Add option and add the image with the color of your product. Do that for as many colors as you wish. Click Submit submit to save the new attribute.

Add color option to the select with image attribute

Another attribute that you might want to prepare is Size, as shown in the example below, or diameter e.g. 30, 50, 70 cm.

Add size option to the select attribute

  1. Once you’ve created all the attributes you need, navigate to Shop -> Catalog -> Products and click Product groups to create a new Product group.

Go to product group

For your products to be displayed as variations, it is very important that you set the group type to Variation in the pop-up window and click Add new.

Select product group type popup

On the Add new product group page you should first name the group of products with variation (example: T-shirt) and then choose Variation attributes under Variation Settings. (Example: T-shirt size, color etc.). Once you’ve selected all the variation attributes you want, click Submit submit to create a new product group.

Set attributes in product group type variation

Note: You can set up to 3 different variation attributes for each product.

  1. The next step is to add your attributes to an Attribute group. To do this, navigate to Settings -> Attributes -> Attribute groups and click Add add button in the top right corner of the page. Enter the name of your new attribute group, choose a Subtype/Group (the product group that you’ve prepared in the second step) and select the attributes that belong to this attribute group – in our case the color and size attributes that we’ve prepared in the first step.

Note! You can also create a new Attribute group on the fly when adding a product to your Catalog.

Attribute group in settings

If the attributes are already used in another attribute group, they will be marked with the red color. If you still decide to use these same attributes, they will be then moved to this new group. This essentially means that you have to prepare a separate set of attributes for each product you want to sell in variations.

Attribute group details

  1. Once you have all the right attributes and groups ready, go to SHOP -> Catalog -> Products and click Add product Add product button.

Select the Type of product you wish to add and the Product group to which it will be added (in our case the product type is Variation and the product group is T-shirt) and click Add new add new green.

Select product type T-shirt

On the upper right-hand side of the Add new product page you should see "Type Variation" and "Group T-shirt". You will notice that the page for adding a variation product mostly has the same settings as you would see for setting a simple product, with the addition of the Variation settings tab.

  • Insert all the general data about your product in the Product info tab and upload images and videos. Be sure to also place the product in its category, by checking the box next to its name in the CATEGORIES section on the right. For a detailed overview of general product settings, see chapter Add new product.
  • Next, open the Variation settings tab. The first product that you add for variation should be your default product, so be sure to check the box next to the Make this the default product Checkbox. With all subsequent or variation products, leave the box unchecked and click Select default product Select default product to associate the variation product with the default product.
  • Move on to the Attributes tab and select the attributes for this specific product, making sure they are all variation parameters (color, sizes etc.).

Note: If you decided to skip step 3 above, this is where you can create the attribute group on the fly by clicking the Add attribute group Add attribute group in product.

  • When you have entered all the needed details about your product, click Submit submit to save your main, default product.
  • To add variations to your main product, you must add a new product for each variation. The easiest way to do this is if you Copy copy the default product on your Products page and change the values in the Attributes tab and Variation settings tab i.e., unselect the checkbox of the Make this the default product option and Select default product Select default product to which you are adding a variation.

Note: When you copy a product, remember to also pick the correct category in the CATEGORIES menu on the right and upload any images/videos of the copied product.

Select default variation product

For a product that sells in 3 colors and 3 sizes you must add a total of 9 products, each with its respective size and color. In the front end all 9 products will appear as ONE but will change according to the options selected by your shop’s visitors. The product picker with colors in circles will only appear when you use the Select with image attribute type.

Product with variation on the front end

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