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Add new import

  1. Go to Marketing section in your DG1 platform.
  2. Click Advanced and select Import.

Import Contacts

  1. Enter details about import:

Import Contacts

  • Name: Name of your new import.
  • Segment: Add contacts into a segment. Segment is a group of contacts that can be added with Import or by filters. You can import all contacts to one segment directly or you can filter them through a variety of characteristics. Example: Let’s say you had a prize game and you would now like to import contacts to your database. It’s recommended that you create a segment called Prize game rather than creating a new mailing list. Segmenting your contacts will really help you because you will be able to use same contacts for different goals and promotions. It’s better to have only a few mailing lists and more segments within mailing lists.
    Note: Choosing a segment is not obligatory! You have to add contacts to Mailing lists, at least the default one!

How to create a new Segment go and see DG1 Targeting manual.

  • Country code: Choose a country calling code if all your contacts in .csv file have the same country calling number. This way you do not have to manually add country calling codes to your .csv file. If you have international contacts list in the .csv file, it has to contain a column with all country calling codes.
  • Subscribe contacts to refers to “one to one” communication with your contacts outside mailing lists. Recommendation: leave them as they are.
  • Choose mailing list where to import contacts. Click in the window and choose your mailing list or leave it to Default.

    Import Contacts Subscribe To

    If you would like to delete specific notifications for your imported contacts select mailing lists and delete notifications by clicking x’s. Example: click the delete to delete a notification.
  • Import document: Upload file through file selector.
  • File encoding: You have to select the same file encoding as in the import file (Example: UNICODE UTF 8).
  • Contains Headers: Check, if your import file contains headers row. (Example: Name, Last name, Address etc.).
  • Field separator: Choose the same as when you were saving your import file as .csv (Example: comma).
  • Field enclosure: Choose the same as when you were saving your import file as .csv (Example: double quotation mark).
  • Processing activity permissions - due to GDPR legislation you must select all the types of information for which you claim you have acquired a proper consent in the document you are about to import. Depending on the type of data, please select options under Marketing newsletter OPT-IN and/or options under Personalization & profiling consent.
  • To create your own consent please go to Advanced -> Processing activities and click Add add.

In your Import preview select headers, if they have not been recognized from .csv file. Above each column click Skip import skip dropdown select and select the attribute to which the information in column refers to.
If you already had headers in your import file, the selection will be done automatically but it might not recognize all headers. So follow the above instructions. If your import document does not include headers, you will have to do add them manually.
Example: Import did not recognize certain headers and you will have to manually add them by clicking the arrow and choosing the right one.

import skip

  1. To save click Submit submit.
  2. Click Actions and choose Import.
  3. Refresh page and the contacts will be imported.

Note: When importing contacts you should select a header (or system will automatically detect it). If the header is an attribute and your .csv file has no value for this attribute, the default value of this attribute will be added automatically after import. To avoid this situation make sure you do NOT import a csv. file with empty attribute columns.

Edit attribute

To view results of your import click Actions and select Results.

Customer imports

To view the status of your imports click List and choose the import you would like to check. Click Actions and after that Results. See the succeeded and failed contacts. By clicking Show reason you will see a reason why has the import of that contact failed.

Customer imports for Import test 2 Chocolate_lovers

Export the failed contacts by clicking Export failed Customer imports for test. Then select your preferred export type (either excel, CSV, ods, etc.) Once the file is downloaded to your computer, you can open it, correct the wrong data, save the file and import it back to your platform following the same process as with your other imports.

Warning! Site languages affect only mailing lists and no other functionality. The rest of the marketing works globally and for all sites and site languages. You don’t need to select a specific language for no functionality other than mailing lists.

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