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Add new attribute

  1. Navigate to the Settings section in your DG1 admin panel and select Attributes.

    attributes settings

  2. To add a new attribute, click Add add.


  3. Enter details about the new attribute:

    Add new attribute

Example of details for adding a new attribute to describe products:
  • The Name of the new attribute will be “Product description”.
  • The Key is automatically inserted.
  • The Description of your attribute should be something very simple, for instance Everything about the product.
  • Status must be set to Enabled.
  • Visibility must be set to Visible.
  • Type defines different options of how you will deliver information which will describe the product. Example: The type of information used for describing a product in the above example should be set to Advanced text editor. For attribute Expiration date the type should be set to Date. For attribute Color the information can be provided with types such as Select, Select with image or Multi-select.

Note: With certain attribute types you can also set the Default value to be used with your products. Just remember to save each product or product group for the respective attribute to be used with all products within that group.

You can choose between the following attribute types:
Attribute type Description Preview
Text*** Plain text field, used to enter short text strings without formatting, limited to one line. text
Date*** Date field with a date picker (a calendar grid from which you choose the year, month, and day). Date
Text area*** Text area field or a multi-line text input field used to enter longer plain text strings in multiple lines. add new product
Number*** A number field that accepts either integer or decimal numbers. Number
Advanced text editor*** A rich text field that accepts alphanumeric characters and text formatting options. rich text editor
Select Selection field for choosing a single predefined text option. select
Select with image Selection field for choosing a single predefined option with an image. Example: product color variations Select with image
ceramic bowl amast roza 30 cm craft
Multi-select Selection field for choosing multiple predefined options. Multi-select
Link to Selection field for choosing a single predefined option. Link to
Checkbox Selection field, usually used for choosing between two mutually exclusive options by checking or unchecking the box. Checkbox
  • With all selection fields (Select, Select with image, Multi-select) you must specify the available options. Example:
    select type attribute

*** Validation: With some attribute types (Text, Date and Number) you can choose between different forms of validation, which are listed below.

Validation types Description
Text with spaces This field accepts alphanumeric characters with spaces only.
Date Date field with a date picker (a calendar to choose from).
Alphanumeric This field accepts alphanumeric characters without spaces.
URL A Uniform Resource Locator is the address of a given page on the World Wide Web, usually called a link.
Integer Input field for whole numbers that can be positive, negative or zero.
Decimal Input field for decimal numbers.

Add new attribute

  1. To save your new attribute, click Submit submit and the attribute will be added to the index page with all the attributes.

To view the details of each attribute, click View view.

You can Edit edit and change the characteristics of each attribute, but do not forget to click Submit submit.

To delete attributes, click Delete delete and confirm deletion with OK.

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