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Product info modal

Product info modal is suitable for any additional information that is required by a customer on the fly. Retail industry often requires such a modal for presenting detailed information about specific products. A good example is a size guide in fashion industry which is always expected to be one click away.

To prepare such a modal, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Plugins. Create new integration by clicking Add plugins add under Product info modal.

    plugins product info modal add

  2. Write a Title of the info modal (Example: Size guide).
  3. Tooltip: the tooltip will appear when a customer will hover over the button (the modal) in the front end.

    FE product info modal

  4. Content is where you either write and edit the text to your likings, or add an image of the information you wish your customers to see. This is what will appear like a pop-up. The content is obligatory! Without it the modal will not be submited.


  5. To implement this modal to specific products, click Select products add new info modal and check the chosen products.
  6. To implement the modal to the whole brand of products, Select brands add new modal1.
  7. To implement the modal to products in categories, check selected categories.


  8. For modal to work, its status needs to be set to Enabled.
  9. Save the modal by clicking Submit submit.

To edit the modal, click Edit edit, adjust the information and click Submit submit.

To delete the modal, click Delete remove and confirm it with OK.

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