Cogwheel settings section
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Cogwheel settings section

  • Access

In this section you can manage platform administrators and users. Administrator can change the settings of the users and administrators, while the users do not have these permissions.

  • Manage permissions for the users and administrators:
  1. Go to Access and click Groups.

admin access groups

  1. Click Edit edit.

Groups edit

By editing the admin or user group, you can manage permissions for the two set groups. You do that by clicking the check marks edit group. Once you click the check mark, the permission will be changed to denied edit group and the cross mark will appear.

Edit group Users

Create your own group:

  1. Click Add add.

Groups add

  1. Fill in all required fields.
  2. Set permissions.

add new group

  1. To save new group click Submit submit.

Add new admin user:

  1. Go to Access and click Users.

admin access users

  1. To add a new admin user click Add add.
  2. Fill in all required fields.

add new user

  1. Click Submit submit.
  • Language

In this section you can change the language of your admin (back end) and front end sections.

    • Currently available admin languages are English, Japanese, Italian, German, French and Slovenian.
    • Currently available front end languages are English, Japanese, Italian, German, French and Slovenian.

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