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Support Cookies

By default your cookie note is disabled. If you wish to enable cookies policy, please navigate to Site settings -> Languages settings -> Cookie notice checkbox.

In your Settings section Cookies you have a list of all the cookies that are predefined by our system. If you decide to add third-party integrations to your platform (JavaScript), you must be aware that this can create additional data processing activities and if the third-party provider uses cookies, you must use Cookie registry to register those providers and describe their data usage.

  1. In Settings navigate to Privacy and click Cookies.

    cookies settings

    A list of all predefined cookies will appear and you can see how these cookies are described by clicking View view.

  2. To add your own cookie descriptions, click Add Cookie entry add cookie entries.

    add cookie entries

  3. Enter all information.
    • Name: Write the name of the cookie. This name will be visible in the front end.
    • Provider: Write the name of the provider. (Example: Google Inc.)
    • Expiry: Define in what time the cookie will expire. (Example: 6 months)
    • Description: Describe the cookie and its functionalities.
    • Purpose: Similar to description but explain more specifically why are you processing specific information.
    • Category: Choose the type of cookie according to its functionality. This will place your cookie description in front end in the correct category.

    Add new cookie entry

  4. Confirm your settings with Submit submit.
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