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Add new product

Before adding a new product to your shop make sure you prepare in advance the following:

Note! New attribute groups can always be added on the spot when adding new product.
  1. Go to Shop section in your DG1 platform.
dashboard demo market
  1. From your dashboard go to Catalog and click Products.


  1. Click Add add to add a new product.

add products

  1. Select product type and click Add new add new.

Select product type

A lot of information are needed for products, and it is worth your time to get to know them. The details you provide change the way a product displays to customers and helps customers find the product. The details also make it easier for you to organize your products. You do not have to provide every detail for each product but the more the merrier.

  1. Enter the product details:
List of options in General settings:
  • General
    • Type - Type of product group you chose beforehand.
    • Group - The name of product group to which this product will be added.
    • Brand - It is a name that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer.
    • Name - The name is a word or set of words by which your product is known.
    • Short description - Description of a product which should not exceed 60 characters. All the other product information should be added to Attributes.
  • URL
    • Alias URL - Automatically created URL for your product.
    • External URL - The user will be redirected to the URL instead of opening the product page.
  • Product codes
    • SKU - Stock keeping unit is a unique number for the product. It is your internal number for helping you organize your inventory.
    • GTIN/EAN/UPC/Barcode - Global trade item number is another number you can add. You can add more barcodes by clicking Add GTIN and you can also remove them by clicking Remove.
    • Customer product id - It is additional number for the product.
      It is optional.
  • Quantity restrictions
    • Quantity restrictions for regular buyers - Limit the sales or force the sales of a specific product per regular customer by using the maximum quantity restriction or the minimum quantity restriction. Maximum quantity is useful for shops with limited or controlled stock (Example: your customers can buy a maximum of 10 pcs of T-shirts). Minimum quantity is useful for shops with products sold by volume or weight (Example: Your customers have to buy a minimum of 1 kg of apples).
    • Quantity restrictions for company buyers - Limit the sales or force the sales of a specific product per company customer by using the maximum quantity restriction or the minimum quantity restriction.
  • Price per unit calculation
    • Measurement unit - Select measurement unit which will be used when calculating price per unit.
    • Net quantity - Quantity in one buy. Refers to Add to cart unit.

Example: If price for net quantity 0,25 kg is 2 USD, the price for 1kg will be 8 USD. Price per kg will be calculated automatically by the system and it will be shown in the front end.

  • Cart
    • Add to cart unit - Select a unit which will be used when adding products to cart. "Pieces" will prevent customers entering decimal values to quantity field. All other units will allow decimal values. (E.g.: 1,25 kg)


Shop specific settings - here you specify your product price:
  • Purchase settings
    • Price with tax/Price without tax is your gross or net price. This setting depends on the general settings in your Site section.
    • Fill-in your Tax rate (it differs in all countries)
    • Product can be bought - uncheck option to prevent the purchase of the product. It will still be seen in your online shop but nobody will be able to buy it.
    • Show price - By default the price will be inherited from the type of product group you selected for this product. But you can also decide whether to Show the price or Hide the price of this product.
  • Visibility
    • Display on content pages - uncheck option to hide the product on content pages.
    • Display in products grid - uncheck option to hide the product in the products grid.
    • Activate product - uncheck option to hide the product everywhere.
    • Deactivate your product for only certain period of time. Click next to calendar and choose a starting date and time, then choose expiration date and time.
  • Custom confirmation email recipient
    • Custom email recipient - type an email to which the order confirmation of this specific product will be sent to.

add new

SEO attribute group is set for your internal and external search engines:
For search engines put in words and/or phrases that describe the product. Example: Fitaki cheese: Fitaki, fresh, cheese, greek cheese ... You separate all phrases and words by commas.

  • Include search words - you can define search words. The internal search engine will find the product when searching for these words.
  • Exclude search words - you can tell the internal search engine to exclude the product when searching for these words. Example: you would not want the product to be found, if you were looking for greek products.
  • Searchable - Check the box to make the product visible to external search engines like Google.
  • SEO image - choose an image to enable Google search by image.
  • SEO Description is a short description for your external search engines.
  • SEO keywords are searched words. Example: Fitaki, cheese, fresh cheese, greek cheese. You can use words or phrases and you always separate them by commas.
products seo

Attachments (How to add attachments):
  • Click Select files and then Upload.
  • Click Upload files by and a new window will open.
  • When you select a picture click Open and then SELECT & CLOSE.


You can add multiple pictures in your gallery.
  • Note: Once picture is uploaded it will stay in File selector database, until you manually delete it!
product attachements

Videos (How to add videos):

  • Click Add a video
  • Paste a video url from either Youtube, Vimeo or any other video sharing site. You can add up to three video links per product.
  • Click Submit submit.
  • Note! You can not upload a video from your computer.

product video

  • Each product has to be put in a certain category or subcategory.
    By clicking checkboxes, you decide in to which category or subcategory the product will be put.
    Example: Fitaki fresh cheese. Add product under "Milk, eggs and milk products" -> Cheese -> Feta cheese, mozzarella etc.
Add new product categories

To learn how to add, delete or edit categories, go and see Product categories.


  • Product measurements with packaging - If you will leave Tangible checked, simply add all product measurements with packaging. When unchecked, leave it as it is or add a volume of your product.
  • Tobacco & alcohol - Check the appropriate checkboxes if the product is tobacco or alcoholic product.
  • Additional shipping requirements - choose between refrigerated or fragile.
  1. To save click Submit . The product has now been saved.
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