There are many stories of children being fascinated by cars from an early age, but it’s a rare treat to be able to play with cars as an adult. The owner of P356 Garage, Andrea Pettinari, succeeded. In his garage, you can find the best sports cars on the market, both new and used: Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, and more.

As a child, Andrea had a real passion for cars, especially sports cars. Today, in his garage in Switzerland, he personally advises his trusting clients about the best opportunities.

Andrea told us that one of the first deals that allowed him to start his career was the sale of a Porsche about fifteen years ago. Winning the trust of customers is not easy, because it requires sacrifices and a lot of self-dedication to one's work, as well as a lot of passion.

At P356 Garage, cars are traded, but above all, Andrea and his mechanics ensure racing car maintenance is carried out directly by him and his team.

To better take care of his customers, Andrea has just opened a small café and restaurant right inside the garage: you eat well while waiting for your car to be ready to go.

Today, with a single DG1 account and without investing large amounts, Andrea easily manages the online activity of both the garage and the restaurant. Now, customers can book online a vehicle checkup, a restaurant table, or catering. For Andrea, this seemed almost impossible before finding out about the DG1 platform.

"If I had started collecting client data some time ago, today I would have a mine of information that would be useful for improving the service we provide, and it would certainly increase the number of customers. Now, with DG1, we’ve started doing it, and it's much simpler than I thought. Slowly, we are also starting to use various ways of communicating with customers: mailing, notifications, and so on. Soon we will also begin to use the e-shop, as the functionality is included and we don’t have to spend anything to start selling online.

Check out the P356 Garage online at https://www.p356.ch

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