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The Importance of Multi-Channel Communication

The Importance of Multi-Channel Communication
Why You Must Harness All Available Channels

Nowadays, customers expect all of their communication to transfer across devices. If you’re browsing a website on your PC, you don’t want to worry that you’re going to lose your cart information if you transfer to mobile. The same goes if you sign up for notifications on your app – you expect that the system will recognize you across all these channels. Same with email: it’s important for people to be engaged with a personalized experience that remembers their preferences and can suggest appropriate products or services.

It shouldn’t be difficult to harness these different communication channels to make sure that your customers are getting the most relevant information, but many SMEs are still only using one or two channels to keep in touch. Customers today are using apps and mobile devicesmore than ever, yet few businesses are trying to reach out to consumers this way. Part of the reason for this is that it can be confusing to deal with a dozen or more separate pieces of software that each try to dictate one aspect of communication like email or push notifications.

That’s why it’s important to have one hub where you can manage all your communication tools effectively. This means you have precise control over which messages are being sent to which customers on which channels, giving you the freedom to improve your business exactly how you see fit.
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