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What is Post Purchase Email, and How Can I Boost eCommerce With It?

What is Post Purchase Email, and How Can I Boost eCommerce With It?

One of the greatest keys to maintaining long-term success in business transactions is the application of post-purchase email. It enables your customers to be happy and satisfied and improves loyalty and agreement.

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A satisfied customer will freely come back for patronage anytime your service is needed. You are probably considering the probability of boosting your eCommerce through post-purchase email. Then, here comes the help. 

Read on to learn the fundamental concept of post-purchase email and how it can delight your customers.

What is Post Purchase Email?

Post-purchase email is a transactional flow, usually sent to customers after making a purchase. Getting a customer is an excellent deal, while retaining such a customer is a more critical and long-time asset to any business organization.

It's important to know that customer relations do not end at the point of purchase. Of course, as a retailer, once a customer makes an order, it's expected you follow up with your customer via post-purchase email. It will help you to boost your customer value.

Why is a Post Purchase Email Important?

Introducing post-purchase email into your eCommerce serves you a lot of benefits. First, it helps provide detailed information about a given order for customers to confirm before the delivery time. This confirmation is of high importance as it helps out when there is a wrong order or the use of an incorrect address.

Asides from confirming order details, post-purchase emails are important because:

It increases brand awareness.

Through it, you can tell your customers facts about your product. This awareness automatically increases your brand awareness and gives the conviction that enables patronage.

It makes room for a second purchase.

A customer that patronizes you the very first time and is well served will convincingly place an order again when need be. Giving a discount on the next purchase also encourages your customers to read.

It gives in getting feedback.

The use of post-purchase emails enables you to get feedback from a customer. For instance, you can send a confirmation email to someone immediately after placing an order. Then, after about ten days, you can send another mail to know the level of satisfaction they got using your brand. As you probably know, feedback goes a long way in business.

Furthermore, existing loyalty to your customers in terms of service rendered keeps them in frequent contact with your site. Having enjoyed the benefits above, then you get an exceptional customer experience.

How Can I Boost eCommerce with Post Purchase Email?

Post-purchase email can boost your eCommerce beyond a reasonable doubt. First, however, you need to apply some principles required. The techniques below give a straightforward guide on increasing sales and customer loyalty through post-purchase email.

1. Order Confirmation

An order confirmation email is the first message sent to a customer immediately after making the order. It allows the customer to go through orders and know the next action step. This allows the customers to quickly detect errors such as wrong addresses and make necessary adjustments.

An order confirmation email has some essential features over other forms of messages. These unique features are: 

  • Through cleverly composed, order confirmation gives clear information on the given order.

  • It also makes room for shipping confirmation.

  • Provides a link through which customers can change or cancel orders. This, of course, makes customers satisfied in transacting business with any organizations that offer such.

  • Another unique feature of an order confirmation email is that it expresses gratitude. E.g., Thanks for your patronage, It's never too late to say thank you, and the likes.

2. Shipping Confirmation

This is a transactional email flow sent to a customer who bought your brand to give shipment notice. As the name implies, ship confirmation does not only notify the customers of the shipped order. It as well contains detailed information the customers need to track their orders. Of course, receiving shipping confirmation and getting the order at the right time is a significant priority for customers.

3. Check-in on the Shipment

This can also be called a delivery notice. Sending a delivery notice to your customers enables them to be prepared and available for collection.

This Check-in on the shipment via email passes information to customers as needs arise. For example, a package is delivered.

4. Request a Review

This is a post-purchase email, usually for product review, which seeks your customers' feedback. Everyone loves being in a caring hand. So, sending a product review email to your customers some days after the customer bought your brand drops a message of care in them. Statistics even reveal the social proof that 93% of shoppers prefer online reviews.

Requesting for a review also makes it easy for your customers who would like to send you an interactive AMP review request email. 

Product review emails should be forwarded to customers in good time. Don't delay in sending post-purchase requests to customers for a product review. Always do this within four weeks, counting from the delivery date. It's a good technique that helps you boost your eCommerce.

5. Offer a Discount to Reorder

Giving a discount to your customer when they order gives them good feelings, making them feel good. It's a means of showing one's appreciation towards customers.

You can use this tactic by including it in a follow-up email. It makes the customers see the chance of getting a stated discount on their next purchase. You can even give them a discount code to make it real. It enables you to retain your customer and encourages them to keep making orders just from you when needed.

Wrap Up

Post-purchase emails help you retain your customers' patronage. It's a transactional flow that keeps you and your customers in tune, even after the purchase. When applied to your eCommerce, it gets to your predetermined height. 

All you need to do is follow post-purchase email techniques: confirmation email, shipment email, check-in on shipment, request product review, and offer a reorder discount. Try all these and see your eCommerce booming.

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