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The Importance of Easy-to-Use Tools

The Importance of Easy-to-Use Tools

As business software becomes more ubiquitous and advanced, it follows that it becomes more complicated, too. Even once you have decided on a particular tool, making sure you understand how to get the most use out of it isn’t always easy - particularly when it comes to enterprise software which is mostly designed to be used by highly technically proficient employees rather than the average layperson.

But it’s impossible to overstate the importance of being able to quickly and easily learn how to use software to improve your business. Instead of taking hours to accomplish a simple task like creating a promotion, web page, or newsletter, you can create content in no time at all while making sure you have everything you need to improve your profits.

With DG1, we’ve made it so that starting a completely new website already comes complete with default content so you can simply modify existing layouts to create your own unique brand. The Web CMS tool is drag-and-drop so you can mix and match different content types to create dynamic, mobile-friendly sites with a few simple mouseclicks.

It’s the same reason the dashboard has been designed to provide the maximum amount of information about newsletter sign-ups, daily orders, and recently edited pages. The complexities and intricacies of running an online business can be simplified to showcase a smaller and more manageable working space. This makes it easier to step back from your site to see what you need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Read more about how we’ve simplified things here: https://dg1.com/features/web-cms

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