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Importance of Interaction Marketing Campaign

Importance de la campagne de marketing d'interaction

In the last few years, the use of interaction marketing by small and large-scale businesses has been on a steady rise. This is largely due to the digitization of the economy and lots of benefits that this form of marketing offers. This article takes a detailed look at the importance of interaction marketing campaigns like Newsletters, Push notifications, SMS and why businesses should embrace its use.

What is interaction marketing?

Also known as trigger-based marketing, interaction marketing is a one-to-one marketing tactic that involves adjusting and responding directly in real-time to the customer’s actions, preferences, behavior, demands, or expectations. This type of marketing has become more productive in recent years with the prioritization of personalization; it gives customers more direct means of communicating with the brand. Examples of interaction marketing include contests, quizzes, polls, surveys, video marketing, email marketing, calculators, interactive infographics, and messenger bots. 

Importance of interaction marketing

Some of the benefits of interaction marketing to small and large scale businesses include the following:

  • Increase User Engagement: This form of marketing increases the amount of time users spend on a website scanning through various products. Interaction marketing combines the best elements from filling out a form, reading text, watching a video, or listening to a recording. It also entices users to take action by improving message delivery and gives businesses the information they need in real-time.

  • Increases Conversion: The effectiveness of old tactics such as popups and generic signups has decreased over time as they do not lead to rapid conversion. However, when you choose interaction marketing, you get to stay ahead of your competitors and increase your conversion rate. This is because interaction marketing guides the customers through the sales cycle by providing more targeted and personalized content when needed.

  • Generation of Qualified Lead: The primary aim of every marketing effort is lead generation. However, it isn’t enough to generate leads; it is important to get qualified leads. With interaction marketing, the generation of qualified leads becomes easier because materials are tailored-fitted to help you know and understand your potential customers. 

  • Two-way communication that generated feedback: Interaction marketing involves a two-way communication system between a business and potential customers. Through this form of marketing, businesses can get feedback and gain more insight into customers’ expectations and needs. This will help you know where and how to tailor your services.  

  • Improves personalization: Furthermore, another primary benefit of interaction marketing is personalization. This form of marketing sees the customer as individuals with distinct problems, wants, and needs and aims to provide solutions to meet those needs. This promotes personalization and relies majorly on information gotten from the customers through various means. 


Unarguably, interaction marketing is one of the best forms of marketing for businesses that want to increase return on investment, stay competitive and provide customized services for their customers. If properly done, this form of marketing can also grow your brand, increase awareness and customer loyalty. If you need a digital growth system that helps you interact with customers one-on-one and grow your business by 1000% in 12 months, opt for DG1.com. This amazing all-in-one E-Business suite with enterprise-level capabilities is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. 

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