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The Unified Store

The Unified Store

Everybody who’s been online shopping has encountered a product grid at some point. Yet just because they are ubiquitous does not mean they are all created equal - layouts can range from clean and simple to frustrating and unresponsive, and the experience ultimately determines how we buy products.

Think of the last time you went grocery shopping. The aisles are organized by categories and then by brands within those categories. Most product grids operate the same way, but very often there is an extra step needed to find out more information about the product - usually you need to click it to bring up the product page in a separate tab for more specifications and information.

But think back to that grocery trip: the real world equivalent is simply turning the product over to read the back of the item. In DG1, we have a patented system called Flip Commerce which lets customers easily flip over each product to read more about them, just like you would in a brick-and-mortar store. What’s more, the system saves your flipped preferences to let you add everything you’ve clicked into your cart with one click. It’s a vast improvement in efficiency over the normal experience.

Product grids are also great tools for harnessing big data metrics to create algorithmically complex rules as to which products are shown to which customers. This means you can tailor the viewing experience to people that you know are already going to like a certain item. For example, if your customer has a history of being a big spender, you can tweak the numbers to show him more expensive, luxury items. Or factor in brand preferences for a customized experience.

All of these tools are the same basic ideas that have been working to increase revenue in stores for hundreds of years, but they are rarely used to their full extent in the online marketplace. We’ve spent years creating a system that can finally offer customers the same unified store experience they have been responding to for decades. With DG1, you can offer it to them too.

Read more about Flip Commerce here: https://dg1.com/features/e-commerce

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