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The Customers of Today Are Different

The Customers of Today Are DifferentLes clients d'aujourd'hui sont différents

Ten or more years ago customers didn’t have as much information as they have today. Only a decade ago, the customer was very different than those of today.

Yes, at the end of the 2000s and the beginning of 2010s, we had a lot of info, but all of that is very little compared to what we’ve had for the past few years. In a decade or so, we’ll probably have even more.

But today, customers have tons of platforms, use several devices, and have a lot of channels where they can research your product and services. They are not going to buy without a good reason.
To reach the customer of today and get them to buy – you need to contact them and interact with them on all channels, and you need to do it in a personal manner that’s targeted to them.

The Smartphone Experience

A little over a decade ago, smartphones didn’t exist. The first iPhone brought a revolution that epitomizes the consumers of today – the overwhelming popularity of the smartphone. And yet that iPhone was released in 2007, only 11 or so years ago!

So little time has passed, yet the world has changed as much as it did in the 19th century with the start of industrialization.

Creating a website that’s mobile-friendly is implied today. Without it, you lose your business.

However, that’s not nearly enough.

The Characteristics of the Modern Consumer

The main thing today is that your customer can be anywhere, as we now truly live in a globalized world. With that, you can sell 24/7 to anyone around the globe. What’s more, even the consumers in one time zone require the 24/7 experience. To provide that, you have to have a superb and all functioning e-commerce solution.

To have these consumers buy from you and not someone else, you need to convince them that you’re the solution to their problems. You can do this through omnichannel retail and marketing, and by creating quality content for your digital marketing strategy.

What’s more, your marketing strategies need to involve personalization. The consumers don’t want any brand today; they want the brand they can trust, a brand that’s personal, and a brand that’s authentic. Brands like that will always be chosen instead of others that don’t share such characteristics.

In the end, the customer of today is a social media creature. Everyone is on social media, which is why companies are in that sphere as well. If you want to be successful, you need to promote your brand on social media, and you need to do it on many channels – wherever your target market is.

One Solution

In reaching out to the modern consumer, you require a platform that needs to include all things and all in one place. DG1 offers precisely that, a solution for e-commerce, marketing, booking, website, and mobile app – all in one. Click here to find out how it works and get started as soon as possible.

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