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How Data Ownership Can Change Your Life

How Data Ownership Can Change Your Life

Digital processes such as data analytics and marketing promotions are becoming automated at an exponentially increasing rate. As businesses shift their focus from time-consuming manual methods to digital automation, huge leaps in efficiency and profit are now not only possible, but plausible.

This is the essence of Industry 4.0 - it’s the next phase of the industrial revolution.
Every industry is undergoing transformation due to this shift, but the sad truth is that many
businesses are unprepared for this leap. They will be forced out of the market in the next 5-7
years. Like any revolution, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to change – until, of course, it’s too late.

The key to success in this marketplace is to take ownership of your customer data. That’s where the real currency lies - making sure you, and not large corporations, own the data that you receive from your clients. Many sites that host business software require you to acknowledge that you are not the owner of your own data. That means that you don’t have any real relationship with your customers - their info is owned and tracked by big companies and they can sell to your customers without your knowledge or permission.

Having a powerful system that lets you keep control of your user data is not only an asset, it’s a necessity in today’s digital landscape.
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