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Developing A Strategy For Reaching The Savvy Gen Z Consumer In The Coming Years

Generation Z gets a great deal of attention in the world. Being one of the largest Generation populations, with numbers thundering at 2.56 billion, targeting this savvy sect for business development is no misstep. 

This population category is well-known for its high level of social interactivity, a heavy presence on media platforms, and a great inclination to the digital world. The unique nature of the Gen Zers calls for strategic business development in the coming years to leverage the perks and benefit from the profitability of these populations as customers.

Appealing To The Gen Z Consumers

For businesses to tap into the booming markets of Generation Z, several things have to be considered, which can then direct the business strategies and actions required to acquire Gen Z returning customers.

Tech savviness and accommodating innovative and modern technology are unifying factors across the Generation. This fulfills the General desire for connectivity and interaction with the rest of the world through social media pages. 

In line with this, marketing strategies should shift away from the traditional and be digitally centered. As much as this Generation is touted to be the carefree Generation, the youngsters cherish uniqueness in the value of products and services; Anything to ease pain, improve a situation, or Generally provide top-notch value in any aspect. 

This is a requirement for all kinds of consumers, including the Non-Gen Zs, but the Gen Zs are usually more vocal about these requirements and are quick to bash defaulters.

Social media for businesses to target Generation Z consumers is non-negotiable because these people get a hold of information from social media networks. It is thus ideal for businesses to improve their social media visibility. 

More recently, the likes of an application like Tik-Tok, which is widely used by this population, have been seen to be a great instrument for marketing and a great avenue to explore to develop a good connection and maintain a relationship with Gen Zers.

8 Brand Strategies To Attract The Gen Zers

1. Social causes and issues

As a business, you are more likely to receive patronage from Gen Zs if your company or brand engages in various social or environmental causes. Generation Zs expects brands and businesses to lend their voice to any current issues and relevant world happenings, including matters about upholding rights, inclusivity, and fair treatment.

2. Transparency and openness

In this era of communication, there is nothing that can go hidden for a very long time. Knowledge about manufacturing processes, the nature of ingredients in the products, the delivery of services, and employee working conditions should be made out in the open. Gen Z is quick to latch on to matters like this. Any occurrence which indicates foul play or fishy activities is a quick way to lose patronage.

3. A personalized experience

One thing that appeals to the members of this Generation is a personalized experience regarding products purchased or services requested. The use of innovative software for customer relationship management and data analysis makes it easy to personalize activities for consumers. The one-size-fits-all approach no longer holds as this Generation has members with the most diverse and varied preferences, and a brand that can incorporate these preferences is given a pat on the back.

4. Human interaction

While it seems that this Generation is all about online life, they do crave personal interactions. This goes a long way in keeping them as customers. Great support from sales reps is crucial for building the brand. Additionally, creating your brand around a story and telling this story is a great way to get to the heart of Gen Zs. Finally, creating a community of customers through sharing feedback stories on the website and social media channels or taking notes of their special occasions goes a long way.

5. Offer Convenience

A brand that prioritizes convenience has the heart of Gen Z shoppers. With the advent of modern technology, it is ideal for proffering quick and easy solutions to Gen Z needs. Swift delivery, great communication, and other convenient features keep them returning to you. Get creative and improve services by including great customer representation, swift deliveries, and online bookings.

6. Sustainability

Increased attention to sustainability in all business activities, especially matters related to the environment is integral. Generation Zs are all down for eco-friendliness, sustainability in production materials, animal cruelty-free products, and provision of services that do not harm the environment. A few ways to make your brand more sustainable are recycling and upcycling materials where possible, adopting sustainable packaging for better waste management and offsetting carbon emissions.

7. Rewarding loyalty

Rewarding your brand's patronage also lists great strategies to attract Gen Z population customers. This can be done by offering discounts on a certain amount on purchasing goods and services, conducting referral contests with rewards, and sending handwritten notes or little side gifts with packages - anything to show that the brand appreciates patronage and loyalty.

8. Feedback incorporation

Gen Zers are always fully vocal about their concerns and dissatisfaction. It is great to harness this feature by regularly seeking feedback to improve product and service delivery. Collating the data about the specific areas most customers are dissatisfied about is a great way to improve your brand positioning as one that is open to relieving customer pain points.


As the year draws closer to an end and the next year heralds greater expectations, businesses must start preparing their strategy to improve sales, customer retention, and acquisition. The Gen Z population is a booming customer field with soaring numbers. All of these tips are targeted at raising the Gen Z consumer base to make the most out of this.

So, what do Gen Z shoppers want? And how can you give it to them? If you are ready to build an eCommerce site for Gen Z shoppers, you can start a free trial here. If you need help creating your unique eCommerce site, contact us online to book a call with our expert today.

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