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Creating the Right Promotion for the Right Customer

Creating the Right Promotion for the Right Customer

As anyone who owns a small business knows, it can be crucial to ensure that your customers feel valued. Creating a customized promotion is an exceptional way to bring customers back to your site since it relies on knowing information that they’ve provided to you, which in turn makes them feel like you know and trust them. It’s the same effect as in a brick-and-mortar store when a sales associate talks to a customer and is able to make personalized recommendations based on the conversation, leading to more sales. The same is true of online sites, where buying habits and other information can be tracked and used to create custom promotions for site users. There are dozens of metrics that can be used to create a promotion, from the amount of money spent on the site, to a customer’s location and their operating system. This info can then be used to trigger pop-ups and other sales tools like custom discounts to entice customers to purchase more on the site.

Because you can have multiple promotions running simultaneously, this ensures that a wide range of customers are seeing custom, personalized offers that apply to them. Instead of having store-wide sales that not everyone will be enticed by, personalized discounts can be used to make sure customers from multiple demographics will be more likely to click through to new promotions that they wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

Promotions can also be timed to occur during specific events and holidays so that you can schedule a time-sensitive sale months in advance, or after a certain number of customers have used a promo code. Promo codes allow you to fine-tune the sales approach so that you don’t end up losing more money than you make. It also gives the customers the opportunity to tell others about the promotion in an organic way so that you end up with more leads.

DG1 allows you to control your promotions at the touch of a button with an intuitive and robust promotions engine that is built into the Shop system.

Read more about promotions here: https://dg1.com/features/e-commerce

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